FFA Student Projects

Students in FFA have projects called Supervised Agriculture Experience or SAE, students raise animals, garden, work in a flower shop or garden center, here are just two student projects. Sam raises and shows steers, here she is with her steer AXEsam and axe. Sam goes to shows throughout the year and even shows him at the county fair. She will sell him and use the money she earns to purchase her animals for next year.

Mabel is growing pineapples in the greenhouse, she is in 8th grade. She roots her pineapples in water and transfers them to pots when they have established roots. pineapples in water This picture is of her pineapples in water rooting, she changes the water several times a week.   It takes two years for a pineapple to bloom, she will force her pineapples to bloom, and will sell them for people to enjoy as the pineapple grows. It takes about six months for a bloom to turn into a ripe pineapple. Pineapple almost ready to eat

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