IXL Math Results

This year we had the opportunity to use the math website IXL.  Many of the students spent multiple hours working on their math skills.  The five students that answered the most correct questions were Mikel, Ty, Lucas, Leslie, and Olivia.  Mikel answered 1,106 questions correctly.  Ty answered 1,109 questions correctly.  Lucas answered 1,287 questions correctly.  Leslie answered 1,330 questions correctly.  Our overall winner was Olivia with 2,248 questions answered correctly.  All of the students did a great job with this site.

New Student Logins

Today the students received usernames and passwords for two awesome websites.  The two websites are Scootpad and Spelling City.  Scootpad lets students practice math and language arts.  The students can also post their reading log on this site.  There is a note coming home today with all students that explains how parents can log in as well as track their child’s progress.  Spelling City usernames and passwords allow students to take online spelling tests and gives the students access to additional games.

Square 1 Art

Square 1 Art Work orders, what a great fundraiser for our school!  Check for your child’s order form and Click on the picture here on our blog!  Order up fun products with your special Artist’s work and all profits go to our school!  Orders must be placed by April 30!!


Clinton River Boat Trip

Our next field trip is scheduled for Wednesday, May 1st. We will be heading to Metro Beach to go on a cruise of the Clinton River and Lake St. Clair.  We will also visit the nature center at Metro.

On the cruise the students will be participating in various science experiments related to the many waters of Michigan. At the nature center we will have a presentation on wetlands, explore the center, and go on a nature walk.

The cost for this field trip is $10. The money needs to be turned in by Wednesday, April 24th.

Bully Busters

Our school has created an anti-bullying group run by our Dare Officer, Renee Campion, and representatives from students in grades 4, 5 and 6.  This group has generated a number of activities to raise awareness and to be be proactive in our school’s efforts to eliminate bullying. This group, the “Bully Busters”, has designated this Thursday, April 18th, as “Wear Green” Day to heighten awareness of their cause to stop bullying in our school.  Students and staff will be wearing green on this day.  Please have your join us on Thursday, as we wear green to support the work of the Bully Busters, and to stomp out bullying at Eisenhower.

Book Projects

The students are now working on a book project.  Each student selected a book for this project and then decided which type of project they would like to complete. Their choices were a cereal box, a diorama, or a book jacket.   The project is due on Friday, May 3rd.  I can’t wait to see their creative projects.

IXL Math

This past week each student received their own login and password to IXL.  This is a great website that allows the students to practice many math skills.  The students’ progress is also recorded in many different reports.  The website that our students login at is https://www.ixl.com/signin/fraser.  If you forgot your login or password please check your email.  So far our class has answered 2,000 problems and has spent over 10 hours practicing.  Olivia has answered the most questions so far.  She has answered 222.  Great job everyone and keep practicing.

Today was a very exciting day at Eisenhower.  We had many visitors today.  Author Denise Brennan-Nelson, Tigers mascot Paws, Pistons mascot Hooper, and Channel 4’s Rhonda Walker were all at Eisenhower.  The Education Nation book bus was also at our school.  All of our students had an opportunity to load books on the bus.  Our school did an awesome job and collected many books for a very good cause.  Today was a great day!