Summer Vacation

Thank you all for a good school year. I hope you all have a great summer vacation. If you go on any vacations or would like to update us with what you are doing please post it here.
Enjoy your time off!

16 thoughts on “Summer Vacation

  1. hi mr rybicki i miss everybody all ready how do i look at the messages that u send me

  2. Sorry I couldn’t be there for the last day of 4th grade, I was very sick those couple of days but I’m better now. I hope to see everyone in 5th grade!

  3. Hi! I’m having the best summer ever. Right now i’m camping at Holly K.O.A campground. Today we went to the Palace of Auburn Hills for Pet-a-Palooza. We were looking to find a puppy but we didn’t, but mom did put in an application for the cutest little puppy that she found online. Flippers the frog is still going strong and I am having fun with him! I miss all of my friends! Happy summer!

    -Amanda S

  4. my summer’s going great!! i just started playing this new online world, moved up a level in advacned math, my birthday’s coming up!!!! and i’m competeing the day of my birthday!!! yay!i also am very exicted to see katy perry’s new movie in 3D its coming out tommrow cant wait to see the fireworks either!! don’t have too much fun without me- allisa 🙂

  5. Hi! It’s Wesley, I am having the best summer ever! First I got a new Video-Game and then, got a new haircut. I’m basicly bald. Now I’m going to Michigan’s Adventure with my Best Friend. Then last week I went back to Camp K.O.A. in Port Huron. It took an hour from Kenneath’s house. All my family was there. The first time I went my friend Zach H. Was there. My Summer has been awsome

    – Wesley 🙂 🙂

  6. my summer is going great i went to the tigers game when they were going agenst kc it was epic and im going to a boat race and im sure its going to be epic im haveing so much fun happy summer every body

  7. hey allisa i already saw the katy perry movie it was awsome and i am having the best summer i went to the movie like a hundred times and went to the pool a lot

  8. is having the best summer my best friend jasmine came all the way from indiana to see me me and her don’t see each other a lot only every summer miss everyone-jadah

  9. Hi Mr. Rybicki, hope your having a great summer! I am having a great summer, I went to the tigers game for the first time. We sat in the eighth row and I almost caught a ball but it landed five rows in front of us. also the tigers won! I wish you could come to fifth grade and be my teacher! I am also going to Disney World for a week for the first time and then I’m going to swim in the ocean.

  10. Hi Mr. Rybicki just wanted to say hi.Hope your having a wonderful summer mine isn’t what I expected but what can I do about it!I just can’t wait or 5th grade,to break in my new shoes and wear my new clothes and….. get away from my anoying sister.I’m trying to cram this all in one message beacause I don’t get to go on my computer often.So bye have a great summer.

  11. Hi Everyone,

    I hope you are all having a great summer! Thanks for sharing what you have been doing. I am having a very enjoyable summer with my two little ones. My son caught his first fish and loves to swim in our pool. My daughter is learning to crawl and will probably be getting her first tooth soon.

    Amanda L. your post made me laugh. You will be back to school and away from your sister soon.

    Alyssa I am glad you are having a good summer. Did you enjoy Disney World?

    Jadah, I have not seen the Katy Perry movie but I did see the Avengers. Did you see the new Ice Age?

    Remoan I am glad you are having a good summer. Did the Tigers win when you went to the game?

    Wesley we missed you the last couple of days. It sounds like you are having a great summer. How was Michigan Adventure?

    Allisa It sounds like you are having a lot of fun. Do you ice skate during the summer?

    Amanda S. I am glad to hear you are having a good summer and that Flippers is doing well. Did you get a puppy yet?

    I hope you are all reading and I will see you soon.

  12. Hi M.r Rybicki sorry I forgot to tell you, we are going to Disney World on August 24th. Well I hope the rest of your summer will be great, I have been reading and I will see you soon!

  13. sorry i missed the last two days of school. i went to disney world and i went to coca beach ,i went to goegia and i went to nigera falls. have a great summer see you nexted year

  14. Hi Mr. Rybicki I loved Disney World It was so fun! I hope you had fun on your summer vacation. I will see you soon. I am glad that school starts tomorrow!

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