Book Projects

The students are now working on a book project.  Each student selected a book for this project and then decided which type of project they would like to complete. Their choices were a cereal box, a diorama, or a book jacket.   The project is due on Friday, May 3rd.  I can’t wait to see their creative projects.

IXL Math

This past week each student received their own login and password to IXL.  This is a great website that allows the students to practice many math skills.  The students’ progress is also recorded in many different reports.  The website that our students login at is  If you forgot your login or password please check your email.  So far our class has answered 2,000 problems and has spent over 10 hours practicing.  Olivia has answered the most questions so far.  She has answered 222.  Great job everyone and keep practicing.