IXL Math Results

This year we had the opportunity to use the math website IXL.  Many of the students spent multiple hours working on their math skills.  The five students that answered the most correct questions were Mikel, Ty, Lucas, Leslie, and Olivia.  Mikel answered 1,106 questions correctly.  Ty answered 1,109 questions correctly.  Lucas answered 1,287 questions correctly.  Leslie answered 1,330 questions correctly.  Our overall winner was Olivia with 2,248 questions answered correctly.  All of the students did a great job with this site.

IXL Math

This past week each student received their own login and password to IXL.  This is a great website that allows the students to practice many math skills.  The students’ progress is also recorded in many different reports.  The website that our students login at is https://www.ixl.com/signin/fraser.  If you forgot your login or password please check your email.  So far our class has answered 2,000 problems and has spent over 10 hours practicing.  Olivia has answered the most questions so far.  She has answered 222.  Great job everyone and keep practicing.

Alien Angles

There is a great game called Alien Angles on mathplayground.com.  This game is a fun game that helps you learn to estimate angles.  To play this game on your computer visit mathplayground.com and then press the purple math games 1 button at the top of the page.  You then need to scroll down to the bottom of the list and alien angles is on the left side.  If you are playing on your iPad you have to use rover and then follow the same steps.  Make sure you read the directions before you start.  Good luck!

Multiplication Wrestling

Today we played a new game called Multiplication Wrestling.  The students learned how to multiply two double digit numbers.  What did you like about the game and was it an easy way to do double digit multiplication?

IXL Math


Today we visited the website IXL.  This website covers many of the topics that we cover in math class.  If you ever need more practice on a topic we are learning about or want to challenge your math knowledge visit this site.  Don’t forget you will need the username and password we discussed in class.  Click on the graphic above or the link on the right under math to visit the site.  If you earn an award take a screen shot of the award and email it to me.



Baseball Multiplication

We were played a game called Baseball Multiplication this week.  This game helps the students work on their basic multiplication facts.  There is a picture of the rules if you want to play at home as well as pictures of the students playing.  There is also a version of this game on the everyday math website.