Gymnastics Day

Today was gymnastics day for our class.  The students had a great time!  What was your favorite activity to do?


Reading Weebly

Our class now has a reading weebly.  It is similar to our classroom blog but it focuses on reading.  On our weebly you will be able to respond to questions, post your reading log response, and look at projects and activities that we complete.  The website address is  Press the book to visit our weebly.


Recommended School Supplies

#2 pencils
colored pencils
glue sticks    
several blue pens  
crayons (no larger than 64)    
large zipper pouch or Ziploc bag for pencils, pens, etc. (No boxes, please)   
ruler (with inches and centimeters)       
Post-It notes       
black, fine-tip marker      
box of tissues for the classroom  
container of sanitizing wipes for the classroom
Please label each item with child’s name.  Thank you



As you are working with the blog here are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Remember to only post your first name for internet safety. If there is someone else in fourth grade with the same first name please add your last initial.
  • Since your response will be displayed for all to see, please check your spelling and make sure you are writing in complete sentences.
  • All comments are sent to me to be approved so your comment will not show up right away.
  • Have fun!