Seneca’s language arts department hopes the students enjoy this opportunity to share information about books they have read, or perhaps learn about books they might like to read. 


Mr. Hadfield / moderator

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  1. The book I read is called Just Listen by Sarah Dessen. This book talks about a girl named Annabel, who’s a model. She’s been modeling since she was nine month’s old. Summer vacation is over and it’s time to go back to school. No one talks to her and she feels alone. Until she meets Owen Armstrong . . . Her life takes a new turn and there are many surprises that head her way. This book is a page turner, and is good for someone who really likes surprises.
    My favorite character is Annabel, she’s confident but quiet. She defends people and herself in different situations but doesn’t always have the courage to tell people the truth.
    I enjoyed the part when Annabel first met Owen, even though they didn’t talk much. I didn’t really dislike anything; to me it was a perfect book!

  2. That sounds like a real good book, Ramanpreet. I’ll have to read it, that is my kind of book. I like reading too, so both of us just have to keep at it to sucseed.

  3. the hunger games is a really goos series that leaves you hanging after each book. i would recommend this to anyone who is ok with a little but of violence

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