The jellyfish has us thinking…

jellyfishIf someone found the “fountain of youth” or the cure for aging, would we want to live forever?

CLICK HERE to read an article we shared in class from about Shin Kubota’s research in Shirahama, Japan with the “Scarlet Jellyfish.”
Here are some of our thoughts on why we would or would not want to live forever. We’ll be adding more as our class finishes their publishing.


If You Could Live Forever


Just for some extra fun…

Now it’s your turn to share with us. Would you want to live forever?

The Fourteenth Goldfish


We are thrilled to be a part of the Global Read Aloud!

gra_512The Fourteenth Goldfish

This year, we are reading the book, “The Fourteenth Goldfish,” by Jennifer Holm. Take a look at all of the classes joining us on the map below.


So far, we’ve made predictions and talked about the Nobel Prize. It was fun to learn that our reading was perfectly timed to hear this year’s winners announced.

Nobel Prizes 2014


We’ve been adding to our character list and sharing what we think with others.

Listen in on Jennifer Holm’s book trailer to see if you’d like to read aloud with us.

Happy Reading!


Welcome Back!

Ready, Set, Here We Go!


Back to School Sign.

I’m excited about all the wonderful things we will learn together this year!

Mrs Moore signature 2


    Our Great State!

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