Our Dream Jobs

Our class is enjoying our current read aloud, Wonder.


We are already learning so much and reflecting on the kind of person we are and who we want to be. After we read about August’s teacher, Ms. Petosa, leaving her job on Wall Street to pursue her “dream” of teaching, we started to think about our “dreams.” Listen as we share some of the dreams we have about our future. 

Our Dream Jobs from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.

Do You Like, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid?”

Then give these books a try!

Our class talked about listening to others share their book recommendations as a strategy for finding new books to read. Here are some suggestions made by  fifth grade students who love the Diary of  a Wimpy Kid series. We hope you’ll find a new book to try, too!

Similar Books to Diary of a Wimpy Kid


Also, try out this great tool from Scholastic, Book Wizard. Use it to search for books that are similar to one of your favorites.



Happy Reading!

Global Read Aloud 2015

We are excited to announce that our class will be reading the novel, Fish in a Tree, by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, for the Global Read Aloud 2015.

Fish in a Tree***

This global project has brought many rich learning experiences to my students, and students around the world, each year. The premise of the project is simple. Read aloud from the book selected and deepen your understanding by learning with other classrooms around the world.

Today, we listened to Mullaly Hunt read us the first chapter of, Fish in a Tree. Please listen in and join us in our adventure!

FIAT Button Mullaly Hunt

Strong readers read with POWER. We want to read with POWER by thinking deeply about characters right from the beginning of the story.
After reading chapter 1, tell us what predictions you have about Ally. What do you already think about her?

FIAT Chapter 1 Question

We will be sharing our reflections on chapter 1 with a few of our GRA connected classes.

For new GRA friends visiting us for the first time, please consider the question above and leave us a comment.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

International Dot Day

We will make our mark!
There’s no better time to talk about beginning something great than at the beginning of a new school year. In the book, The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds, a child’s teacher gives her the encouragement she needs to “make her mark” by simply beginning. This encouragement is just what she needs to begin down the road of creativity, bravery, and ultimately, making a difference.

First, we began to make our mark by designing our dots. Then we explored some augmented reality by using the app, Quiver. We had a fantastic discussion about the author’s purpose in writing, The Dot. We will share more on that later. For now, take a peek at some of our fun!

How will you make your mark?

Back to School

We are back and excited to begin a brand new school year!

back to school

Our class of 21 fifth grade students entered the classroom with excellent attitudes and kindness in their hearts. We pledged to work hard and learn, learn, learn! 

Heart of Hands

There’s something beautiful about all our classmate’s hands joined together in a pledge of kindness.


This year is sure to be amazing!