International Dot Day

We will make our mark!
There’s no better time to talk about beginning something great than at the beginning of a new school year. In the book, The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds, a child’s teacher gives her the encouragement she needs to “make her mark” by simply beginning. This encouragement is just what she needs to begin down the road of creativity, bravery, and ultimately, making a difference.

First, we began to make our mark by designing our dots. Then we explored some augmented reality by using the app, Quiver. We had a fantastic discussion about the author’s purpose in writing, The Dot. We will share more on that later. For now, take a peek at some of our fun!

How will you make your mark?

Back to School

We are back and excited to begin a brand new school year!

back to school

Our class of 21 fifth grade students entered the classroom with excellent attitudes and kindness in their hearts. We pledged to work hard and learn, learn, learn! 

Heart of Hands

There’s something beautiful about all our classmate’s hands joined together in a pledge of kindness.


This year is sure to be amazing!

Let It Go! Don’t Stress on the Test

Are you feeling anxiety over state testing? Don’t Stress on the Test, just Let It Go!

Let It Go

We began our state, M-STEP, testing this week. Our class is doing a great job trying to show the best of what they’ve learned. Since they’ve been working so hard, I wanted to make a fun parody video to make our students smile and encourage them. Inspired by my students and my own little “Elsa” and “Anna” at home, here is what we came up with.
(The cutie little dancers you’ll see are my two punkins!)

Let It Go ~ Don't Stress on the Test from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.


Are You Ready Sign

This week, the fourth and fifth graders participated in the first ever,

Reading Super Bowl!

Mrs. Yax, Mr. Bohon, and Mrs. Kreller & Mrs. Moore’s classes all competed to see which grade level could score the most points by reading. For every 10 pages read, the students scored a six-point Touchdown. Every 10 pages read at home required a parent/grandparent signature. Each student scored an extra point for their team by returning their Tuesday reading homework with a signature on Wednesday. The winning team got a popcorn reward.

Congratulations to the 4th graders for winning the Reading Super Bowl!

scoreboard flattened

 With an astonishing 895 Touchdowns, the 4th grade secured their victory!

Well done, 4th graders!


Both teams had a fun bonus activity and we wore football jerseys and sports shirts, too.


Super Bowl Collage




Make a paper football with us!

Mr. Bohon’s class recorded their own Super Bowl commercials.

Super Bowl Commercials from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.

This week, we were all cheering, “Touchdown!”