Winter Olympic Events

This is some cool facts that we learned watching the Olympics. Two of the people in our class liked Short Track Speed Skating the best. This one guy, Apollo Ohno, would be in last and comeback and win! It was great. It was really fantastic and he’s the best. We saw the couple’s figure skating and they were dressed as cowboys. It was really awesome and we loved how they danced to the music. One of the couples were from U of M. They won a silver medal. We felt a little surprised because they were only college kids. One person liked the one person figure skating. We saw Plushenko skate and he did really sweet jumps. And he spun so fast, it looked like he was going to throw up! When I saw the beginning of curling, I was amazed how they worked together! I was surprised at how fast they swept and got it toward the middle. Cross-Country Skiing is probably the hardest sport. It was amazing how theycould keep skiing for an hour and thirty minutes!

I hope you enjoyed watching the 2010 Winter Olympics as much as we did! 

Mrs. Lawrence’s 3rd Grade

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