March Is Reading Month!

Hi! Danica here!

Ok, as you all know, it is MARCH! And March means that this month is Reading Month! Here at Sugarbush, we do March is Reading Month. our goal this year is to read 7,500 books. On March 2nd, we had an assembly were one of our 1st grade teachers, Mrs. Strackbein, read ‘The Cat in the Hat” a book by Dr. Seuss. And also, our 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Kitakis, said, that is we do read 7,500 books, we will go to the movie theatre and see the movie “Oceans”. So, All of Sugarbush, if you all want to accomplish our goal, than GET TO THE BOOKS!!!!!

Go Reading!

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18 thoughts on “March Is Reading Month!

  1. I think the Jeff Kenny website is awsome! He tells about the 5th book. I can tell its going to be a rely cool book.I am going to go on it at home its so good! Renae H.

  2. Check out Jeff Kinney’s website if you want i would recommend it.

    It is a interesting website, it tells you a lot about him.

    If you were wondering he actually made poptropica.

    I think it is cool that it tells you there making a fifth tyler

  3. Dave Pilky has the best web site because, he has cool games. Awesome books.He has funny books and cool games. I love his games the most. Samantha

  4. I think Dav Pilkey has the best website.I like it because he made a comic of his life.


  5. I cant wait till we go to the movies because i know we will make it but i have never heard of the movie oceans but we will see.

  6. Danica awesome post your one of my best friends and always will be. I loved your post. Keep writing!!!!!!!!!

  7. That’s a lot of books to read. I hope we’ll be able to read that many books, because I really want to see that movie. Bye Danica from Justin.

  8. Whoa did time go by fast its the end of march I can’t wait to see if were going to the movies this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!