2010 Winter Olympic Medals

Did you hear about the 2010 Winter Olympics? Our class visited the official 2010 Winter Olympic website. You have to visit this site!




The United States, or U.S.A., won the most medals. We feel excited and splendid about it! Did you know that Canada received the most gold medals? Kazakhstan had the fewest medals. They only won 1 silver medal. It was in the Women’s Biathlon. All of the countries tried their hardest to win medals. Germany won 30 medals and the United States won 37 medals total. How many do you think China won? If you want to find out how many medals the other countries won, look on the website to find out…

The next Winter Olympics is in Russia. Make sure you watch it! I hope next time the U.S.A. wins the most gold medals!!! The U.S.A. is the best!

Mrs. Hauff’s 3rd Grade

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