Book Recommendations

Well, it’s that time again. Time to celebrate reading! In addition to the texts we usually read, we will also explore some websites that offer online books. These sites have a variety of formats with pictures and text, as well as audio and video. Try a couple out and let us know what you think.

Frank Asch Animated Books

Beantime Stories

Between the Lions

Book Pals


Magic Keys

Reading Planet

Please leave a comment to let us know about a story you enjoyed. If you have a favorite site that’s not listed here, post a comment so we can check it out, too!

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35 thoughts on “Book Recommendations

  1. I think a great book to read is Thank You Mr.Falker. It shows everyone that you have to believe in yourself and you will achieve anything!:o)

    Thanks for reading,

  2. Hi!! It’s Mackenzie!!!!

    The book I would like to recommend is ” Thank you Mr. Falker”. It is by Patricia Polacco a great author!!!! So please check it out!!

    Have a great day!!!!!

  3. I think a really good book to read is The Night I Followed The Dog. I liked this book because it’s funny, sweet, and touching. When you read this book you will laugh so much! It’s a perfect book to read to your family or dog.
    – Julia

  4. Hi!Tyler here!!!!!!!!

    I just wanted to recommend about the book Enemy is a very great book that tells you how to get rid of bullies!Now that is cool!one day I would like to be like This wonderful artist.Derek Muson.One day you should read a this great book and find out more about a great book.

    see ya!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Breanna here!!!!!

    Hi i want to recommend the book No Mirrors In My Nana’s House. The author is YSAYE BARNWELL. I recommend this book because it just inspires me by the title, and I recommend it because it also sounds like a song to me.

    bye Bye!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi!Tyler here!!!!!!!!

    I just wanted to recommend about the book Enemy is a very great book that tells you how to get rid of bullies!Now that is cool!one day I would like to be like This wonderful artist.Derek Muson.One day you should read a this great book and find out more about a great book.

    see ya!!!!!!!!!!!TYLER

  7. I read a book called “The Night I Followed My Dog.” It’s a funny story written by Nina Laden in the fiction category. It’s a book about a dog and his owner, and the dog owns it’s own hang out for dogs!!!!!!!!!!!! Alec

  8. Hi Holly here . I recommend the book “The Time I Followed The dog” its by Nina Laden. Its fiction and it really makes you wonder.I like it because makes you think if that could happen.

  9. Have you ever heard of the book The Night I Followed My Dog? Well Nina Laden wrote it. It’s a fiction book about a dog that sneaks out every night to go to a dog club. One night the little kid who ones the dog follows him and he goes to the club and sees a ton of dogs that know the dog. It is a realy cute book.


  10. Hi! Zach’s talking. I recommend the book ” Stellaluna ” because its a book that you never want to end! Its a GREAT book.One of my favorite parts was when Stellaluna got stuck in the tree and fell in the unknown birds nest where their was 3 random birds! I would definately recommend this GREAT GREAT story… Later! The author is Ginelle Cannon I would consider this book a ” Fantasy ”

  11. Hi, this is Rachael and I read a book you USA fans might want to read. The book is named ”Breaking The Ice” ,and it’s by Angela Ruggiero. It is a biography about her life as a Olympian hockey girl. She is a gold, silver, and bronze medalist. Angela Ruggiero was about 17 when she got on the team. It’s a great book, and i recommend it to you. enjoy the book.

  12. Hi its Abby, i read a great book called Thank you Mr.Falker. I read it on storybook and so can you. I encourage you to check it out. its a truly magical story.

  13. hi! It’s kaylee here.If you want to read a great and funny book check out “Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Last Straw”. This book is just realistic fiction,but if you think your life is a mess after reading this book you will feel lucky!! this kid is getting bullied by his brother and he embarrasses himself a lot!My favorite part is when the kid, greg, is hanging by a tree and his pants fall down!
    You can find this book at local libraries , and don’t forget the author is Jeff Kinney. Thanks for reading this.Enjoy!!

  14. Hi! It’s Cole. Have you read “The Fire Within.” “The Fire Within” is an AWESOME book! I really like the way the mini clay dragons act communicate with each other and humans.My favorite dragon is Gadzooks, a writing dragon. He belongs to David (a senate) I strongly recommend this book! P.S. the book is by Chris D’Lancy.

  15. Hi, Sam here…..I liked the book “Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Suess because the Cat wore a tie and a hat. My favorite part of the book was when the house got messy and they cleaned his mess before he went away. Very Funny!!! It is an easy book to read for a beginning reader.

  16. Hey!!! 🙂 Its Rachel!!!

    I read a book about Mr. Brown can MOO! Can you? It is by Dr. Seuss.
    The book is a fantasy. It is about a man who can say things like a roster. Then after every time he says Mr. Brown can MOO!! can you?

  17. What’s up! Everhett here!

    I have read a really good book lately. The non-fictional story called “Farmer Boy”. The great story is written by the awesome author, Lura Engels Wilder! “Farmer Boy” is about a young boy named Almonzo,who is 8,9,and 10 in the whole story growing up on a farm. He has a mother, a father, and three older siblings. my favorite part is when Almonzo gets his own colt, named Starlight. Please check out this great book in the library. THANKS!

  18. Mackenzie- Great book! So Sweet!
    Brooke and Holly+ Alec- I LOVE that book! It’s so good! I love Nina Laden!:
    Breanna- It is really a GOOD book.
    Rachael- i will read it. I’ll keep you posted!
    We all love Storytime Online!!!:)BYE!


    P.S. Tyler+Zach, never heard of it. Will try them:)

  19. Hey 🙂 have its Dax here

    Have you ever read a book called Harry Potter and the Scorers Stone. It is truly the most best Harry Potter book ever. If you ever read a harry Potter book you should really read this one first. There is a professor who’s name is professor quirel. he is after a thing called the sorcerers stone. He is after it for Lord Voldermort. I recommend this book be to you because it is truly awesome.

    Dax out

  20. Hey,this is Jed 🙂
    I read a book called ”Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”. It’s about voldmort and his dark forces planing to attack Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.It’s a great book so check it out next time your at the library.

  21. Hi!Logan.
    I would like to recommend the book called The Cricket in Times Square. The book includes three unusual friends which are Harry cat, Tucker mouse, and Chester cricket. Chester is from Minnesota. He got trapped in a picnic basket under roast beef sandwiches, and when he escaped he was in New York in Times Square. The book is by Garth Williams. Bye.

  22. Hey Abby here I read a great book called Maryanne Saves the Day from the babysitters club series! Its where all the babysitters git into a fight! Oh No what about the club???? You have to read it to see! Plus maybe a new babysitter comes in????? Its a good book!!!!

  23. Hi Isabel here!

    – Abby, I read that book and it was so interesting! I think it is a grate book!

  24. Isabel here :)!
    -Brook, i read that book and i thought it was really cool how the dog house was better than the boy’s house!

  25. I’m recommending the book nerds. Its really funny. I’m half way through the book.

  26. Hi. I would like to recommend the book”The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe”. The book is a Fantasy book. The book is full of action. The White Witch is the evil person in the book. The lion also talks. It is a great book. If you don’t believe me, read it yourself. It is a great book!

  27. Hi, Marisa here!
    Now, maybe not ALL of you may want to read this book, but I really enjoyed “Claudia and Mean Janine” from The Baby-sitters Club series. It is by Ann M. Martin and is a realistic fiction book. Claudia is always jealous of her older sister, Janine. But when Mimi, the girls grandmother, has a stroke, Claudia and her sister try to help her and become closer. What happens next? Go to our school library to check it out!
    Happy Reading!

  28. Hey guys! Its Danica recommending a GOOD BOOK! it is called Lily’s Crossing. It’s about a girl in Rockway beach circa 1944. She is at her Grandma’s summer house and meets this guy named Albert…… can’t tell you ANYMORE!!!! You have to read it!!!!!
    It’s by Patricia Reilly Giff. You can get it at Border’s, Barns & Noble, etc. It’s at the Sugarbush library! BYE!:)

  29. Hey its Abby I think all your posts are great!!!! Ive read most of your books you guys recomended and I think their great too!!!!!!!!!

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