Favorite Genres

Take this poll to let me know what your favorite genre is. After you’ve decided, tell me what books or series is your favorite within that genre.

Here’s an example of each genre:

Historical Fiction~Little House on the Prairie

Mystery~ Nancy Drew

 Fantasy~The Chronicles of Narnia

Realistic Fiction~Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Poetry~ Where the Sidewalk Ends 

Remember to use the genre posters on the back wall for more information!


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66 thoughts on “Favorite Genres

  1. I love to read mystery its fun to find out the fact and clues and you never know what happens next. Matt

  2. I like to read Way Side School books because it is a fantasy book.
    The way i think of fantasy books are that they have magic and mistical
    stuff.I think alot of people would like to read it!

  3. Hey Its Justine. I Like Realistic Fiction. My Favorite books of this genre are the Judy Blume. ( Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Fudge-a-Mania, Superfudge, Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great, Double Fudge )
    I would like to know your favorite genre.


  4. I like the realistic fiction because i like the Judy Blume the best, some of her books are called Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing,Fudge-a-Mania,Otherwise know as Sheila the great,Superfudge,and Double Fudgethey are all good books. Maybe one day you can read one of the Judy Blume books

    You’re friend Jessie

  5. I think fantasy is the most awesome one ever! It is the best to me because I
    love magic!


  6. I think that Fantasy books are beast because they have Percy Jackson and the Olympians. -Zach

  7. I like Fantasy books cause they have lots of funny stuff and lions and other
    creatures its cool when you read a good book.Enjoy reading adios.JAY

  8. I really like New Moon it is an exciting book i have ever read. But the movie was better than the book but the book had a bunch of stuff in it. Also it was a very good story and movie it was a surprising story. But i really like the action in the movie. So it was a good story.

  9. Fantasy is my favorite genre. The fantasy books that i read is Sideways Stories from Wayside school. – Lenny

  10. i like poetry becuse i like rimes and i like how they exprase themselfs to what they write. danielle

  11. I really like the Goldilocks and the three bears it had a lot of good details in it. I like the part when she went into the kitchen and eats their soop i do like that story it was good.

  12. Hi,Tanner speaking here my favorite genre is realistic fiction.iI would like to comment on Machu Picchu.You can learn lots about it and architects and lots more! 🙂


  13. My favorite genre is mysters. My favorite book series is Peegy Parishas
    Books of three kids that move to a haunted house and that its not really haunted, ever one just keeps saying thats it haunted.
    Theres one more book that I read, the three of them visit there grandparents house over summer break.
    Now that’s all I am going to tell you . I hope you will try these books.

    From Paige

  14. Tre

    Fantasy is my favorite because any thing can happen. Like someone can turn in to a apple in Sideways Stories From Wayside School.