Healthy Kids, Healthy Hearts

Hi people,

Olivia and Kaylee here. We’re  very excited to tell you about Healthy Kids Healthy Hearts. They teach kids how to stay healthy and teach about the side affects of smoking. Here are some facts:

* Out of the 4000 chemicals  in tobacco smoke, over 40 are known to cause cancer.

*On average, every 45 seconds someone in the US has a stroke

* Cardiovascular  disease is the#1 killer in America

There’s MANY more facts  too!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Healthy Kids, Healthy Hearts

  1. Wow Kaylee your so good at this and nice job Olivia! I loved the post you guys keep writing!

  2. I think they are right. People should no`t smoke. Its bad for you and
    healthy kids headlthy hearts are tring to make you do the right thing Holly