Who’s Caught the Biggest Shark Bite?

I’d like to know how many of you have ever gone fishing, and if you have gone fishing, how big was the biggest fish you caught? For those of you who haven’t ever gone fishing before, try it! Its pretty fun as long as you have a ton of patience, and can handle a hook. P.S. If you don’t like touching worms, don’t try fishing.



Image by Margaret Scaglione from Pics4Learning.com

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16 thoughts on “Who’s Caught the Biggest Shark Bite?

  1. I love fishing once when I was coming in with my dad and my brother from
    jet skiing I saw a huge carp !


  2. I LOVE fishing! I went with my Dad, brother, and Grandpa once, and I caught a 3-pound pike!


  3. That fish is so cool and I once caught a fish. It was a catfish. Its cool but not so much. I love that picture it was funny. 🙂 Samantha

  4. I love fishing it is one of my favorite things to do!My grandpa loves it to.The biggest fish I caught was about a foot and a half.


  5. Hey Tommy, it’s Abby in 5th grade! Everytime I go to Tenn. to see my grandparents we go fishing! My biggest fish I ever caught was not that big! It was really small!

  6. I have a pretty funny story about my first trophy fish.I reeled in a huge small mouth bass in lake st.Clair,but my dad lost it while he was getting it in the boat for me.I was kind of disappointed,because I was about to catch my first trophy.Trophy’s are special to me because my dad says I can mount them on the wall.Anyone ever caught a trophy?

  7. I took my son fishing the other day, and he caught a giant bass on his Spiderman pole. I caught nothing. 🙁

  8. When I went camping, I caught 15 fish. I out fished my dad, he caught 1 tiny bass. I used a good pole , that’s why I caught 15 fish.
    Your Friend , Jenna

  9. Hello fishy,

    So Tommy, the fish ate a trophy?! Or did you catch a trophy after you caught the fish? Either way, I never went fishing. No, only when I was very young I went fishing all the time. I tried fishing another time, I never get anything. Silly fish.

    Your unlucky fisher, Amanda