Thank You, Mrs.Moore!

Mrs.Moore I think I stand for everyone when I say thank you for doing this for us, creating this fantastic website letting us have a way to express our selves online for friends and family to see. I don’t know any one with such mental talent to make such a wonderful site ! I’ve been getting fans in the last month because of Mrs.Moore. If it wasn’t for her there would be no Shark Bites with Abby ,the JJ Duo, polls, any of it this would be extinct if it wasn’t for talented Sugarbush staff, teachers, principle, who hire these brilliant teachers like Mrs.Moore, Mrs.Kreller, Mrs.Yax, Mr. Stark , and all the wonderful people here at Sugarbush Elementary, so thank you to the talented wonderful staff of Sugarbush and mostly Mrs. Moore. – JJ Duo

PS. please post thank you comments for Mrs Moore cause no one deserves it more than Mrs. Moore.



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7 thoughts on “Thank You, Mrs.Moore!

  1. Mrs. Moore the boys are right! You have a talented mind,and to be reconized from Australlia, that is amazing! I will be going to middle school next year and I think one of the things I will miss most is you! If you promise to stay at Sugarbush, I promise to come and visit!

    P.S. Josh and Jon good writing ( thanks for using my name) 🙂

  2. All of you are so sweet! I’m very happy that you are enjoying our Techie Kids blog and learning so much from it. I am excited that we will spend more time visiting other students’ blogs from around the world. I can’t wait to see what we will find out as we develop new friendships!
    Mrs. Moore

  3. Wow!

    Thanks Mrs.Mrs. Moore I love this wesite thank you a bunch! 🙂

    Your Student,


  4. Dear Mrs. Moore,
    I really like Techie Kids! This website is so cool! Today is the 9th of March and I was going home from school and I thought I should leave you a comment. I was on this website and thought you did a really good job on this website! It’s so cool to have a computer teacher like you! If anyone deseves a thank you it’s you! When I go into the 6th garde I will still go on here. Thanks again!

    See you soon,