Hey everyone! It’s me Abby (again)! I want to ask you guys about sports! Now I play soccer and I love it! Now I know there is a lot of sports out there,but I don’t know much about them. So I thought you guys could leave a comment telling me what sport you play and what is your favorite part of it! That way I will know a little more about the game! Thank-you!!! 🙂



Image by Barnstable, Janet. playsoccer.jpg. “Spring, 2001”. Pics4Learning. 24 Apr 2010 <>

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6 thoughts on “Sports

  1. Sup Abby! As you know I play baseball and my favorite part about it is getting to steal bases.

  2. Great post Abby! I play softball and I enjoy going to home plate to bat, hoping that I hit a home run.

  3. Hi Abby,

    This is a fun topic. I play softball for my church. Every Spring, I get excited for the season to start again. I have played for my church since I was 12! That was a little while ago…

    Mrs. Moore

  4. Wow thanks Mrs. Moore for responding and thank you to Jon and Marisa! I really enjoy getting comments and I’m glad you both have fun in baseball and softball! Check out some other thing that I have done and other people have done!!! 🙂

  5. That was amazing i want to play soccer but my dad wont let me and i wont be able to beat you at soccer. You are very good at soccer. 🙂 Samantha