Welcome, Ms.Sazehn!

As everyone should know sadly Mrs.Carr isn’t our art teacher anymore but, luckily we have a great replacement for the rest of the year Ms.Sazehn! For about the last 2 days I’ve had Ms.Sazehn. she has been doing a great job at her profession. With fun times to come with our new great art teacher (because Sugarbush always gets great teachers) I would be happy to be the first to say on Techie Kids….Welcome Ms. Sazehn! 

From, Jon


Colored Pencils

Image by Bilal Aslam on StockVault.net

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5 thoughts on “Welcome, Ms.Sazehn!

  1. Wow Jon I have to say your writing is super! You are a fantastic writer! Keep up the good work!!! 🙂

  2. So far, Miss Sazehn is doing a great job as an art teacher. I can’t wait for our future art projects!

  3. Great job on your writing! I hope you are having fun with Ms. Sazehn! See you all soon 🙂

  4. Dear Jon,
    Nice writing, we liked it. Ohh and guess what? Mrs. Carr is our art teacher this year!! (That was Sara!) That’s so wierd! Don’t you think so? (that was Stephanie!)
    Sara and Stephanie