Green Eggs & Ham Retellings

The Kindergarten classes have worked very hard on their retellings. They have practiced beginning, middle, and end. The students also talked about details of a story. Take a look at their written retellings complete with pictures. Listen as they each narrate their project.


Audrey Nathan_Green_Eggs Allsion



Dosenberger Retellings

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3 thoughts on “Green Eggs & Ham Retellings

  1. Hi Techie Kids,

    Thanks for your great message! We love the work your kindergarten classes did about Green Eggs and Ham. Some of us like reading Dr Seauss books too, they’re very funny.

    Your school sounds very interesting. We especially like the name “Sugarbush Elementary”. In Australia elementary schools are called PRIMARY schools. We found Michigan on a map of all the American states. Miss Jordan has been to New York and Los Angeles. She says New York is her favourite city in the world! Do you all travel to other states very often?

    Our primary school is the biggest in Geelong (the city we live in). Is yours one of the biggest in your area?

    This term we are learning about Aboriginal Australia. Aboriginals were the first people to settle in Australia thousands of years ago. We are doing activities to learn about the different states in Australia. Do you know much about Australia? In Maths we are learning about addition at the moment. We just finished learning about skip counting. In reading we are focussing on compound sentences using conjunctions, learning our spelling words and using a/an correctly.

    We go to Physical Education, Art and Music each week. We also have Religious Education once a week. Later in the year we will also go to Computers and Indonesian.

    Our long break is over OUR Summer which is different to yours. Our Summer is in December, January and February. We know all about how we live in the southern hemisphere and you live in the northern hemisphere so our seasons are the opposite. It is Autumn here, which you call Fall. It is starting to get pretty cold, especially in the mornings!

    We also use the Storyline Online website to listen to stories! We all loving going on Do you? We like competing against students from all over the world, maybe we’ll compete against some of you one day! Although the time difference makes it tricky!

    Here’s a question…does your school have a canteen? What kinds of foods can you buy from the canteen? What foods do the students bring to eat at snack and lunch times? We’ll let you know if our lunches are similar or different!

    Have a great day!

    Your friends,

    P.S Mrs Moore asked where she should leave comments. It’s best to leave them on the latest post on our blog but it’s really up to you!

  2. Great job kindergarten. And good job to my brother Robbie and his friend Joey