Michigan VS Michigan State 3

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Hey it’s the JJ Duo here again and I just have to say I’m so glad that college basket ball is over, so we can get closer and closer to the new season and see how Michigan State’s going to mess up again.  This time Michigan is going to be there with state in the finals . When state messes up their going to get bumped. Finally states ego caught up with them and it’s going to eat at them the rest of the off season. There going to have to share the spotlight with a team who was better than them the whole time and just didn’t show it. I’m going to add, Michigan love em or hate em, there here and here to stay. I prefer to love em. I just thought WE’D have a quick talk with our auideance. keep commenting we need our fans. Michigan and Michigan State . See you for part 4.


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6 thoughts on “Michigan VS Michigan State 3

  1. Wow you guys feel very strong about your opinion and i feel the same way. Michigan rules! State is going down!!! 🙂

  2. I think State will make it to the finals again, but this time they are going to win!

    Cooper 😀

  3. Oh yea my parents hate Michigan but i don’t i love Michigan.Michigan is better than State.Sam 🙂