G’day 2KJ!

Where in the world is 2KJ? Well, that’s what our 1st grade classes found out today.  We used Google Earth to locate our Blogging Buddies in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. It was so cool to watch the Earth spin and zoom across the ocean! Their class is very far away, but we get to know them through our blog. We think that’s pretty special.

Hello from Mrs. Strackbein’s Class,
Strackbein Knapik Class Photos 002


Mrs. Knapik’s Class,
Strackbein Knapik Class Photos 004


Mrs. Lovell’s Class 

Mrs. Lovell's Class


and Mrs. Hines’ Class.

Kreller Economy 043

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4 thoughts on “G’day 2KJ!

  1. Hi i am Leila in 2ed grade
    What do you like to read!
    How long do you play outside!
    We like to go to the Zoo for fun!
    I like to do in door game’s!
    My class like’s to blog with yoy 2kj is cool i like to blog alot with my frind’s like you 2kj.
    How old are you!
    You’r frind Leila