I LOVE This!!:)

Hi guys! Danica here! At “Learn Something Every Day” I was just fooling around and found something rather interesting. Take a look~






Thanks to Mr. Alvaro for sharing this site with us!




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20 thoughts on “I LOVE This!!:)

  1. The One that says “The Average speed of Heinz Ketchup squirt is 25mph” is really interesting i never knew that! ♥♣♀ ☺☻

  2. Wow! I never knew that Heinz ketchup could squirt up to 25 mph!

  3. I didn’t Know that the squeeze ketchup bottle squirts at 25 mph that is soooo cool!!!

  4. Doesn’t the ketchup squirt faster it you squeeze the tube a lot harder? lus I couldn’t fit 20 doughnuts it my mouth I would get sick.

    Your Friend Justine

  5. Hey those are very neat facts! Thats very strange that the heinz ketchup squirts 25mi. per hour.

    Deven 🙂