Mrs. Kreller’s Airplanes

Flying paper airplanes in school will get you into trouble, right? Not if you are learning about force, motions, and energy! If you were paying attention in class, you know the forces acting on an airplane are:

  1. Thrust
  2. Drag
  3. Gravity &
  4. Lift

Look at these pictures taken by 5th Grade Student Photographers.

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11 thoughts on “Mrs. Kreller’s Airplanes

  1. It was very fun but don’t start making and flying paper airplanes you will get in trouble!! 🙁 By the way I took the pictures 🙂

  2. Dear Techie Kids,
    I love your video. I’m in grade 2. What grades are you?

    Your friend,
    Talk to you soon bye!

  3. Hi I like how you made the planes. They’re really cool. Did you have a competision on who could throw the highest and farthest?
    Talk to you soon your friend Justin

  4. Dear Abby I am so glad we are going to skype tomorrow. Are you happy? I am.

    your friend jordan

  5. Daer Techie kids

    I liked the song on the
    video you put on
    your Blog .

    Yuor Friend

  6. Hi Jordan!
    I’m sorry I didn’t answer your question fast enough! It was very fun to do races and I was very excited about Skypeing with ya’ll!

  7. Hey, every body! This is an old fifth grader Kaylee. Here in middle school it is awesome. At first everything is pretty confusing. The lunches, classes, pretty much everything. The good thing is that in 6th grade all your classes are close by. I personally think it is better without recess. Have fun this year kids you’ll miss it next year.
    P.S. typing is hard over here,but you get used to it. Oh!Yeah!Hi Mrs. Moore