Video Games with Abby!!

Hey it’s Abby! Today we are talking about Video Games. Now video games are fun, cool, and awesome, but what about our health? Now in my opinion you should only play at the most three video game networks, because if you have more you will want to play it more. You sit still to play video games. If you are sitting still and not being active you can become obese! Obese is just a nicer word than fat!! Now I’m just trying to get you to relize what harm can do to you if you become a video nut! Just remeber to be healthy, active, and just have fun!! 🙂

Leave a comment and tell us your favorite video game AND your favorite outside activity.




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17 thoughts on “Video Games with Abby!!

  1. Wow thanks for commenting and Nik you don’t have to stop playing video games just make a limit!! 🙂

  2. Hi Abby,

    My favourite Mario game is Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii.

    My favourite outside activity is baseball. We are having a baseball tournament this weekend.

    Your friend,
    Micheal in Mrs. Watson’s 1/2/3 class

  3. Hello Michael,

    I really enjoy baseball, too. I play softball for my church. I hope your tournament went well this weekend. What position do you play?

    From your blog buddy,
    Mrs. Moore

  4. Hi Abby!~ Great Post!
    My Favorite video game is Mario Cart for the DS and DSI.:)

    My favorite outdoor activity is swimming in my grandma’s lake. ~-~-~-~-

    Your friend & Blogging Buddy,


  5. Hey Abby, my favorite video game is Battle of Giants Dragons for DS. It is a very fun game I play on my DSI! I love playing tennis, it’s my favorite sport!
    Your friend,

  6. Dear Abby
    The xbox that you found is cool.I have played a xbox before. It is fun to play a xbox.

    your friend Dante

  7. Call of Duty World at Wars Nazi Zombies is my favorite video game. Swimming in my pool is my favorite outdoor thing to do.

  8. Hi,Abby

    “That is a very good explanation.

    i play video games a lot but I’m still active.

    I’m in base baseball so that’s a bonus.

  9. Dear Abby
    I don’t like electRonics. But I want a DS. do you have
    any electeronics? I don’t..

    Your friend Sahara

  10. Dear Abby
    Xboxs are cool.You can download games and play them.I have played a xbox befer.

    Your friend Dante

  11. Hi Sahara! It is Abby, I do have electronics! I have a WII and A DSI! Keep Blogging!! 🙂

  12. Dear Abby,
    You are totally right.
    Video games are really cool!
    But we should stay outside alot more!!!
    I wish i could stay outside 24\7!
    it means all day!

  13. Dear Abby ,
    i know im commenting again but i didnt answer the questions!!!
    My favorite viedo game is mario kart wii!
    my favorite activiy is soccer
    your pal,