Take Me Out to the Ball Game…

What a lovely day to spend at Comerica Park! The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect, and my Tiger’s pulled out another victory. I can’t imagine who wouldn’t love a day like today.

Unless you’re a Red Sox fan


Tell me about a game that you attended or played in and what made it so great.


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19 thoughts on “Take Me Out to the Ball Game…

  1. I remember a night when I went to a Tiger’s game at night with my nana and papa from Tenn. I was really fun it was Tiger’s vs the Indian’s (Cleveland) It was so fun we actually ran into one of my friends who I never get to see! We all cheered and we won 8 to 1 ( I think) I love Magglio Ordonez!!! 🙂 When he was up to bat I screamed so hard he actually turned around and waved to me! It was the best game EVER!! 🙂

  2. At my school we just went to a Tiger game against the Red Sox but sadly the Boston Red Sox won. But it was still really fun! We got to see Fireworks after the game they were really loud but cool!!

  3. take me out to the ball game buy me some peanuts and craker jakes i dont care if i ever get back now root root for the home team if they dont win its a shame for its 1 2 3 strikes you out! at the old ball game i made the song for ya!

  4. Awwww the baby is os cute!! I vote for the Tiger’s!!! But my teacher Mr.Austin likes the Red Sox.

  5. She is so cute.How old is she?she looks like she is 3 years old.she looks like you though.
    Your true friend Samantha.

  6. Dear Mrs.Moore,
    Your daughter is so cute . I wish I had a sister as cute as Bella.By the way I like your sunglasses they are pretty.

  7. Mrs. Moore,
    Bella is soo cute! Wished I had a younger sister than a older one. Nice shot of you two together. How old is she anyways?

  8. @Abby, Wow! That does sound like a very fun game. I can’t believe Magglio waved to you! That is pretty cool.

    @Bella from Mr.Austins class, I’m glad you still had fun, even if the Tiger’s lost. The fireworks sound like a nice end to the night.

    @Brianna from Mr.Austins class, My daughter was saying, “Go Tigers, Go!” for the rest of the night.

    @drake, Now I will be singing that song for the rest of the day! 🙂

    @Farris form Mr.Austin’s Class, Thank you! She had so much fun riding the Tiger Carousel.

    @christine from Mr.Austins class, Whoa! We could have seen each other and didn’t even know it! 🙂

    @Madison & @Cody, I’m so sorry to hear that Mr. Austin is such a big Red Sox fan. He must be so sad that his team lost the series to the Tiger’s.

    @wynne (Samantha), @Jessie, & @Ashlynn, Thank you! Bella is 3 years old. You guessed it! The Tiger’s did win, 5-1.

  9. Aww, Bella is so cute!:) The best game I ever went to was a 2005 game w/ my grandpa Ken. And, the last with him. @Grandpa~ If you are watching me, I know you protecting me. I wish I could come bring you down again. love you! Love, Danica. I miss you!:( But I have been to 4 more games in his memory. Sadly, the night that Rodger Clemens pitched, well……my gramps passed away. <3

  10. Dear Mrs moore,
    your daughter is sooo cute 🙂
    I wish I had a cute baby sister too!!!!!!!!!
    That sounded like an amazing game!! 🙂

  11. Dear Mrs.Moore, I’ve been to 1 tiger game and they lost the game.

    your friend’Julia