Bartering Society Projects

The 5th Grade students created a Bartering Society as their culminating activity for Junior Acheivement. Here’s a look at their projects.



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7 thoughts on “Bartering Society Projects

  1. Hello Sugarbush If you are watching this we had alot of fun doing this project! It toke us time to make all that stuff you just saw and P.S. Mrs. Yax’s class helped to! It wasn’t just Mrs. Krellers class> By the way I toke the pictures!

  2. Hi,
    I really liked all the posters you made. They are really big.

    Talk to you soon! Your friend,

  3. Hi Liam!

    Thanks for visiting us! We are also very excited to Skype with your class. It will be so fun to see your faces and hear your voices!

    We’ll be seeing you soon,
    Mrs. Moore

  4. Hey,
    Its Rachel from Mrs. Kreller’s 5th grade class

    Thanks I had a lot of fun doing that project I wish it wouldn’t have to end

    talk to you soon Rachel