Mammals & Echolocation

Our Blogging Buddy, Mr. Salsich, left us a great comment on our “Bats!” post. He also asked us the question, “Can you think of any other mammals that use echolocation?” We thought that it would be a great idea to do some more research and find out. We quickly discovered that whales and dolphins are mammals who also use echolocation like bats. Of course, we started to wonder what they might sound like. Here is a link that we shared in class to listen to the sounds that dolphins make.




Click on the link below to view this video in RealPlayer.

Among Dolphins


dolphins pics4learning

Image by: Folks, Tami. dolphins1.jpg. March 2000. Pics4Learning. 3 Nov 2010


Click here to read more information on the Bottlenose Dolphin from National Geographic.

More fun from National Geographic Kids. Click on Video & Sound to watch and listen.



Thank you so much, Mr. Salsich, for challenging us to dig deeper and make more connections!



Do you have any fun facts about dolphins that you can share with us?


What are some of the most interesting animal adaptations that you know of?


Tell me about a time that you saw or heard a dolphin or a bat.



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27 thoughts on “Mammals & Echolocation

  1. Dear Techie Kids,

    I think the dolphins make a funny noise.
    I haven’t lisened to a dolphin or bat before. Until I watched and lisened to the vidio.


    (In 2KJ.)

  2. Dear Techie Kids,

    Hi I am Kealee in 2KJ, Miss Jordan’s grade.

    What a great post about mammals and echolocation.

    Now I will answer your question

    1. Dolphins can swim up to 260 m. below the surface of the ocean.

    There are 36 different kinds of ocean dolphins and 5 species of river dolphins.

    2. Animals lose their fur in winter.

    3. Once when I was in bed I looked out my window and I saw a bat. I haven’t ever seen a dolphin.

    Best Wishes,

  3. Hi Mrs. Moore and Techie Kids,

    This post is great! Mr. Salsich always comes up with great questions, dosn’t he? By the way, I’m Millie in Miss Jordan’s grade, Austalia.

    Here’s some facts I learned on Google about dolphins, whales and bats:

    1 Whales: Humpback whales are marine mammals that do not have a nose.

    2 Dolphins: Dolphins have the ability to eat nearly 22 kilos of fish per day.

    3 Bats: It is not true that all bats hibernate in the winter. Some bats instead migrate to places that have a warmer climate whereas others hibernate.

    Hope you like them,
    Millie! 😀

  4. Dear Techie Kids,

    The video you posted is fantastic for hearing all the different clicks and whistles that dolphins make! It is pretty amazing that they can tell where fish are, and where they are going, just by listening to the echo that bounces off them.

    One interesting fact about dolphins is they sleep by resting just one half of their brain at a time, with one eye open. This way they can see if predators are coming and they can also rise to the surface to breathe – while they are asleep!

    I lived in the tropical country of Belize for about a year so I got to see some dolphins, but lots of bats! Belize has lots of rainforest covered hills with limestone caves in them, and I explored some of the caves. There were always bats hanging from the ceiling that I could look at close up with my headlamp. Some of them would be flying around in the cave in total darkness, and they would zoom right in front of me. All of a sudden I would see them flash through the light from my headlamp, just inches from my face. It was very cool!

    Thanks for another excellent post!

    Your blogging buddy,
    Mr. Salsich

  5. Dear Techie Kids,

    I liked the noises of Dolphins, the noises were so funny.

    What kind of Dolphins were they?

    Your blogging buddy from Conneticut,
    Tommy 😀

  6. Dear Georgia,

    Hi we liked your comment about our Techie Kids post. The noises dolphins make are awesome! We think the sounds are actually kind of funny. I think your comments are pretty good. Dolphins when they hibernate in the winter underwater they stay asleep the whole time. I felt a dolphin it feels really slippery! I fed a dolphin fish and 12 dolphins came by to get my fish.

    We liked your ideas. We hope you like ours. Hope you have a nice day!

    From your blogging buddies in Michigan,
    Sicilia, Kylee, and Amir

  7. Dear Kealee,

    Thank you for the great compliment Kealee! Your facts are interesting. What animals do you think lose their fur in the winter? Most animals need their fur to keep them warm and cozy. Adeline was at a pool party and she saw a bat just flying around and then it went in the water and ate a bug!

    You did not see a dolphin, but Autumn did. Dolphins feel really smooth and she saw someone feed them a cracker before.

    Can’t wait to hear from you again.
    Good Bye,
    Kassandra, Adeline, Tess, Kaitlyn, and Autumn

  8. Dear Millie,

    Thanks for saying something nice.

    I am Kyan and I saw a bat before. I got scared.

    I am Madelyne and I saw dolphins at Florida when I was 3 and a half and I got to feed it with fish.

    Kyan, Madelyne, and Collin

  9. Dear Mr. Salsich,

    Thanks for talking about bats and dolphins. Maybe you should leave us another message. That’s awesome that dolphins sleep with their eye open!

    Do you have any videos to share with us about bats or birds or whales or tigers?

    I love your comment about echolocation. That’s kind of neat that one side of their brain sleeps.

    Brendan, Clark, Ryan, Tommy, Trevor, and Zachary

  10. Dear Mr. Salsich,

    Hi my name is Angela and I did not know that dolphins could sleep with one eye open. That is so awesome that you know that! Do you have any more facts or pictures of a dolphin sleeping with one eye open? If so please put one up.

    Angela from Techie Kids

  11. Dear Techie Kids,

    The first time I have seen a dolphin was at the Bahamas when I was 3.I was with my mom and dad on a vacation four years after they were married!


  12. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    We have seen a bat before. We saw a bat at Meijer. A guy was cleaning out the bat nest. The bats came flying out to the top of the building. We have never seen a dolphin until we saw the film.

    Dolphins are mammals. Even though it looks like they don’t have any hair on their bodies they still are mammals.

    Jordan and Aleah

  13. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    Alexis and Angela have some facts about Bats.

    1. Only Vampire Bats lick blood.
    2. Bats are either black or brown and sometimes both.
    3. Bats are nocturnal.

    Now we have some facts about whales and dolphins.

    1. Whales and Dolphins are blue and sometimes white.
    2. Whales and Dolphins have to stay in the water.
    3. Dolphins go up in the water to breath.

    Angela and Alexis from Techie Kids

  14. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I was sitting in my house, and I went downstairs and my family and I were playing hide and seek in the dark and I saw something pass by me. I asked my sister, “did you see that?” And she said, “No”. So then we kept playing and then we heard a squeak, so we all jumped. Then I went to go get a flashlight my sister said, “Can I go with you because I’m scared!” I said, “Yes.” Then we came back down. My mom said, “Did you get the flashlight?” “YES!” we shouted. Then my mom heard it again, so we turned on the flashlight on. And then we saw the bat and my brother said, “Let’s kill it.” My sister and I said, “Noooo!” So my dad said, “Let’s call Animal Control.” So I said lets get the phone and call. Then they answered and they said they were all on their way. Then they captured the bat and released it outside and then I knew I could sleep! And that was the time I saw a bat!

    Emily and Colista

  15. Dear Mrs. Moore and Techie Kids,

    I am going to tell you about a time I saw a dolphin and a bat. Three years ago I went to Florida, I was out on my grandpas boat in the ocean. I was sitting down and I looked over the side of the boat and saw a dolphin swimming right next to me! I was really excited because I have never seen a dolphin before.

    When I saw a bat I was camping at Cedar Point. It was just getting dark and me and my brother were playing outside and something swooped down right next to me! I didn’t know what it was at first until my dad told me what it was.

    Your Student,

  16. Dear’ Techie kids,

    I’m going to tell you about a time I saw a bat. So I was talking to my mom And all a sudden, a big bat flew from under my feet. Me and my mom jumped. We were scared so much so the big bat flew to the sky and I said mom here it comes again I said. My mom was still frightened. That was when I saw a bat.

    From, Ian

  17. Dear Mr. Salsich,

    I have a couple questions. My first question is which do you like better bats or dolphins? My second question is when you lived in Belize did you see any dolphins?


  18. Dear Techie Kids,

    You have a great conversation going here! I enjoyed reading all the facts that people left about dolphins and bats. Commenting on blogs is such a fantastic way to learn from each other.

    I just watched a video that said that orcas, which are related to dolphins, have different accents depending on what part of the oceans they live in. So, orcas that live around New Zealand and Australia “talk” differently than orcas around Alaska or Norway. Kind of like how people who speak English have different accents around the world. Isn’t that cool! I wonder if dolphins have accents too.

    @ Joey, I don’t think I could pick a favorite between the two mammals. I think they are both amazing in different ways. One thing I really like about dolphins is how they work together so much. They communicate with each other all the time. They also like to play games, like passing a piece of kelp between them as they swim. I did see some dolphins in Belize, but only jumping from far away when I was sailing.

    Right now my class is studying the Sonoran desert of Arizona and Mexico. Some bats migrate through it on their way north in the spring. They drink nectar from night blooming flowers on cactus as they travel, and help the cactus pollinate their seeds.

    Mr. Salsich

  19. Dear Techie Kids,

    This is the time Madeline and I saw, heard, and petted a dolphin. We were at Atlantis when we did this. We went to Dolphin Cay! Maria and I were there for an hour. There was an instructor to tell us what to do and what not to do. Next we put on our water suits and went out the door and into the water. When we were in the water the instructor whistled and the dolphins came. After that, we fed the dolphins with some fish and our dolphin’s name was Tracy. Then the dolphins did tricks. It was so awesome! We also swam with them in the Atlantic Ocean on a boat. It was so awesome but, we couldn’t touch them, and we got sea sick. That was the time Maria and I saw, heard, and petted dolphins.

    Your Friends,

    Madeline and Maria 🙂

  20. Dear Mr. Salsich,

    We also think that commenting on blogs is a fantastic way to learn from each other. We are very interested in reading the stuff that you have looked up. We would like to find out if dolphins have different acsents too!

    The video that is on our post shows that dolphins bat fish around too. How much has your class learned about the Sonoran dessert so far? I think learning about the desert will be very interesting. A girl in our class named Savannah has also been to Arizona. We think that it’s kinda dry and not lots of water there. And we also know that Phoenix, Arizona is also very hot cause that was the town that we went to when I went there.


    Savannah, Nicole, and Makayla

  21. Dear techie kids,

    I know that dolphins are gray and live in the ocean and have a fin too that’s what I know my mom rode a dolphin before


  22. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I like the cool sounds the dolphins make. I also think that the sounds are weird. How do the dolphins make the clicking sound? Do they use their tongue? Do they sense sharks with their echolocation like they sense their prey?What type of dolphin was the orange one?

  23. Dear techie kids,

    I’ve never seen a dolphin or a bat. I’ve heard a dolphin in the awesome ♥
    video up there. :D. I never knew they sound that way. I wonder how bats sound like. :). Bye. 🙁


  24. Dear Techie Kids,

    One time I was on a cruise it was called the Disney cruise. I bet you want to know how I saw a dolphin well today is your lucky day because I am about to tell you. Ok so I was swimming in the pacific ocean and next thing I know I saw a dolphin jump out of the water like ten feet away from where I was SWIMMING! But my dad said that they don’t hurt people. That’s not the cool thing the cool thing is that I got to pet the dolphin. Well that’s the time that I saw a dolphin hope you like it.

    Sincerely, Mike

  25. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    Dolphins are my favorite animals! It`s so cute how they squeak to communicate! The pictures and videos are very attractive and interesting. What are your favorite echolocation animals?