Weather Forecast

Our student meteorologists, Caitlyn and Sergei, gathered temperatures that were recorded for each month in our area. They compared the data and calculated an average temperature. Here are some examples of the data we collected.




These are the results: The average temperature for

Fall was 54° Fahrenheit.

Winter was 29° Fahrenheit.

Spring was 49° Fahrenheit.

Summer was 73° Fahrenheit.


Since most of the world uses the metric system, we also thought it would be a good idea to convert these numbers from Fahrenheit to Celsius. We used the following formula to convert the temperatures.


°F to °C Deduct 32, then multiply by 5, then divide by 9

°C to °F Multiply by 9, then divide by 5, then add 32



Fall was 12° Celsius.

Winter was -2° Celsius.

Spring was 10° Celsius.

Summer was 23° Celsius



We found these “Typical Temperatures” in the chart on the Math is Fun! website.



Try out your own conversions on the Math Is Fun! website.



Use the conversion calculator near the bottom for some extra fun!


What are the average temperatures in the area where you live?



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5 thoughts on “Weather Forecast

  1. Dear Techie kids,

    Hi Techie Kids. I am Kealee in Miss Jordans grade, 2KJ.

    Learning about the weather sounds so much fun.

    Wow! Your weather can go past 0 it can even go past -40.

    Our weather doesn’t usually go past 10.

    Well, we are in spring right now and our average temperature is 19 celcius but 19 for celcius you would be 66 farenhighed. Am I right?

    What is your favourite season?

    What is the average temperature in all of the seasens?

    From Kealee

  2. Dear Techie kids,

    This post is a great idea about the weather!

    In Australia the temperature in summer is around about 32celsius, in autumn about 17celsius, in winter about 11celsius, in spring its about 19celsius.

    What is your favourite season?

    From Leah. ♥ ★

  3. Techie Kids, you guys did a fantastic job gathering data and relaying that information to our friends in Australia! I’m impressed!

  4. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    I know it’s late to comment. So sorry about that :(. But I love this weather report! :). I love the chart. 0c 100 0f 212 for water to boil. 0c 40 0f 104 for a hot bath. That chart was amazing. I also loved the Fall was 12° Celsius.
    Winter was -2° Celsius. Spring was 10° Celsius. Summer was 23° Celsius chart. It is also in fahrenheit. There was more to. Sorry but I have to go. Bye.:)


  5. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    The weather here in Michigan is hot in the summer, cold in the winter, and not to cold not to hot in the fall and spring. I would want it to be a little more warmer in the winter, but I love the weather here. I would not like to live in Florida and I would not like to live in Alaska.