Doppler Radar 3000


This is Channel LMS with a LIVE WEATHER BUG REPORT.

Please click the link below and watch to find out what our weather will be for our Fall Party.


 Fall Party Weather Report 2010 eml



Image from NASA. earth.jpg. . Pics4Learning. 18 Nov 2010



What did you think of our weather forecast?



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7 thoughts on “Doppler Radar 3000

  1. Dear Mrs Moore and the Techie kids,

    I really like your post about the Doppler Radar 3000!I absolutely ♥ ed your weather forecast! In Australia our weather is called Celsius and in your state it is called Fahrenheit.

    I have two more questions for you…
    What is your favourite season summer, autumn, winter or spring? What does Doppler and Radar mean?

    Sometimes I get sun burnt but I put sunscreen on but I still get sun burnt. When you get sun burnt your body goes all red and I do not like it when my body goes red when I get sun burnt!

    I have another question for you…
    Have you ever got sun burnt before or do you know anyone who has got sun burnt?

    Jazmin (in 2KJ)!

  2. Dear Mrs Moore and the Techie Kids,

    I ♥ your post.
    The weather today for us is 28 for us and 82 for you.
    I was very hot because my skin is not used to the sun yet.
    It’s only Spring not Summer.

    In Summer I get burnt sometimes.
    Do you get burnt sometimes? I put on sunscreen but it wears off and I get burnt.

    When it gets really hot we go to Adventure Park. Theres water slides and places were you can eat and have lunch or dinner there too.Do you have a Park in New Zealand?

    Also what is a Radar?
    I’m not sure what one is.

    Your Australian Friend
    Georgia in (2KJ)

  3. Dear Jazmin and Georgia,

    Thanks for your fantastic comments! We always enjoy hearing from you!

    We were just having a bit of fun with our title. Here in the U.S.A., there is part of the newscasts that is devoted to weather. Each weather forecaster, or meteorologist, has a name for their part of the program. We just combined some of our favorites to make our weather report seem very official! 🙂 Did you think our title sounded professional?

    A Doppler Radar is a special tool that helps measure changes and the speed of wind blowing around the raindrops. This type of radar sends a signal and waits for the signal to come back. The information it brings will
    be used to predict the weather.

    We added the number 3000 because many of the shows have a number in the thousands. Since we are in third grade, we picked 3 thousand.

    Many of us like all of the seasons because of the fun changes. Our fall is cool, but not cold, with beautiful, colorful trees and hayrides. Winter is cold, but we enjoy many snow sports. Spring comes just in time when we’ve had enough cold, with lovely flowers and the return of green. Summer is great, too. We live near the water which means lots of swimming, boating and fishing.

    Sun burns are very common here in Michigan during our summer season. We know that it is very important to put sunscreen on and wear hats when we will be outside for long periods of time.

    Your Adventure Park sounds fun! We also have water parks and amusements parks here in the U.S.A. Some of the water parks are closed now until the warmer temperatures return. We do have a couple of indoor water parks that can be visited at any time during the year.

    We are so excited to be Skyping with you tomorrow! We will talk with you soon!

    From your friends,
    Mrs. Moore and the Techie Kids

  4. Dear Derek,

    I really liked your weather forecast.Hope you weren’t scared you did great

    sincerely ,


  5. Dear Techie Kids,

    You did really good and that is REALLY COLD! I hope u do weather reports every day. 🙂

    Angela from Techie Kids

  6. Today is going to be sunny with a chance of an awsome coment. The weather man was replaced by you. What an awsome post. would you like to make another post?