Fall Party Decorations


Well, it’s finally here…


The day of our FALL PARTY! It is time to celebrate with our blogging buddies in Australia, Miss Jordan and 2KJ.  After a month of reading, research, and planning, it’s time to decorate for our party. I’d likeFall_Tree to thank our illustrators, EJ, Mike, Alex, Anthony, Ty, Ayden, Olivia, and Beth for sharing their artwork with us. They have created these pictures in Kid Pix and Tux Paint to make our room look festive. We hope you enjoy the slideshow!





Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

What is your favorite way to create artwork?


Tell me about a time when you decorated for a party.



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17 thoughts on “Fall Party Decorations

  1. Dear classes,
    I think you guys did a awesome job!!
    My favorite way to create art is draw it then color it in.
    Once again you guys rocked!!

  2. I am pretty sure the fall skyping party was the most fun we’ve had so far this year! Thanks to Miss Jordan’s class, Mrs. Moore, and all the third grade students and parents for making this such a wonderful, meaningful, learning experience. You all ROCK!

  3. dear techiekids

    My favorite way to make art is to look at all the paint brushes and shapes and make awesome things. I also like seeing what other people do and do something kind of the same things.

  4. Dear techie kids,

    First of all I think those pictures are awsome!!! I also think their so cute. Well my favrote way to do art work is to do a practice one first then do my real one.

  5. Dear Techie Kids,
    The way I create art is to use bright colors. If you use bright colors you want to stick to bright colors or else it will look bad. My favorite is to use stencil and pastels. I have to go now.

  6. Dear third graders

    you girls and boys did a great job
    hope you boys and girls do it again sometime

    from Ian
    to teckie kids

  7. Dear Techie kids,
    The best way to me to create art is to take my time and try my best. Also to not rush because you could mess up. Those are ways to create good art work.

    Sincerly Natalie

  8. Thanks for the information. There seems to be a never ending supply of great information on the net. I love learning new stuff, and will be back to read your posts regularly !! Thanks again

  9. Dear Techie Kids,

    Hey! I thought the photo’s were really awsome! Keep up the good work.

    Your Friend,

  10. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I like to create artwork with colored pencils and markers. I love the bright colors of the markers and the shiny color when you color hard with the colored pencil. I usually decorate my own party. One time it was a beach theme. There were streamers and everything. It was a blast.


  11. Dear Techie Kids

    I like those pictures I hope you keep putting those wonderful drawings on Techie Kids nice work guys and girls hope you have fun with your other project.

  12. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I like to use markers to draw because they are bold and if you hung it up next to a colored pencil drawing and take 12 steps back you can see the marker drawing better. I like to decorate my party and ice the cake. One year I want to have a New York city birthday and really make it awesome.


  13. Dear Arts,

    I thought the art was awesome.
    My favorite piece of art work that I made was of a beach by the forest.
    My Moms friend put it on the internet. Some people tryed to buy it from her,but she said no.What is your favorite piece of art work did you make?