Sunshine and Seasons

As part of our fall BookQuest, our weather forecast group investigated the reason that we have seasons. We read books to find our answer. One book did an especially good job of helping us understand. We decided to conduct the experiment found in the book, Sunshine Makes the Seasons by Franklyn M. Branley, illustrated by Michael Rex. The experiment was recorded on video so that we could share it with you. The hard working students behind this project are Johnathon, Cody, Greg, Paige, Logan, Blake, Colton, and Robby. Click on the link below to view our investigation.  We hope this video will help you get a better understanding of why the seasons are different around the world.


Sunshine Makes the Seasons




What did you think of our video?



Did you learn anything new?



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11 thoughts on “Sunshine and Seasons

  1. Dear Techie Kids,

    I really enjoyed your video about how our tilt going around the sun makes the seasons. The flashlight on the orange as it circled “the sun” made it easy to understand why we have opposite seasons as our friends in the southern hemisphere.

    I wouldn’t want to be way up in Alaska during the winter because it would be dark almost all of the time!

    We are getting closer to the winter solstice. Can anyone tell me what a solstice is?

    Excellent job by all the students who worked on the video!

    From your fan,
    Mr. Salsich

  2. Dear Techie Kids

    I thought it was great a video. it had some great things on it. it was wonderful. you guys are so great. keep up the good work

    Sincerely, Keiarra

  3. Wow! Sweet video. You guys did a really good job. maybe
    I should try to make a video like that. what do you think?


  4. Dear Johnathan, Cody, Greg, Paige, Logan, Blake, Colton, and Robby,

    You guys did a great job on your expeiriment.


  5. Dear techie kids,

    First of all I think that is a awesome video that you made!!!! Kayla I do think you should make a video like that someday.

    From Shelly

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