Photo Fun

When everyone returned to school, I heard many stories about new cameras and fun pictures that were taken. It seemed like a great time to continue talking about photo editing. This week our 4th and 5th graders had a chance to try out some of the fun programs and websites that are available.

If you’d like to try too, visit these sites:







Take a look at some of the possibilities  with FotoFlexer…



View more presentations from Mrs. Moore.


What do you like to take pictures of?



How would you use photo editing programs?



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20 thoughts on “Photo Fun

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  2. Dear Mrs. Moore

    I like to take pictures of funny things because I like the reactions on people faces if you take a picture at the wrong time. And I was on and I made a really cool picture with the sample pictures. And those pictures are so cool. Great Job!!

    Your Friend,

  3. Dear Techie Kids,

    I love to take pictures of my dog. He is so cute and so photogenic. Lately, I’ve been uploading the pictures on Picnic and adding stickers and effects.


  4. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    I like to take pictures of people because I will be able to remember when i took that pictures of them and how much fun I had there with those people
    what do you like to take pictures of

    your friend

  5. Dear Mrs.Moore

    Hello this is Aaron and I liked it when we had a chance to edit photo’s it was Exciting.If I had a chance to edit any photo I would edit the Grand Canyon.Did you know there were Indian’s living in the Grand Canyon’s.

  6. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I had a lot of fun doing the FotoFlexer. I did the bridge picture. I love to take pictures of my beagle dog. She is so cute. When I use photo editing on computers I have fun. I use creative things, but I do not get to silly and inappropriate with it.


  7. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    I like the photos. They all look really good. I like to take photos of my pets or other animals. I would use the photo editing progress to get rid of the bad red eyes and to make the photo color in the back round a different color.
    What would you use it for and what do you like to take photos of?


  8. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    I like to take picture of my family. I like to because one day I could look back at them and say oh I remember that. Thats what I like to take picture of.

    From Natalie

    • Dear Natalie,

      That is a great idea! I should start doing that. Which person in your family is your favorite to take pictures of. I some times take pictures of my mom’s daycare kids. This little girl Jillian is my favorite to take pictures of because she is so silly and makes really funny faces.


  9. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    I like to take pictures of animals. My favorite animal to take pictures of is a bird.It’s my favorite animal to take pictures of because they stand still alot.


  10. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    I like to take pictures of trees and stuff that are not fun. Now that I know about FotoFlexer I will go on it. I take pictures of boring things because boring things are stuff you see every day. Now I can go on FotoFlexer and make it more fun. Thanks for showing me that website. Bye.


  11. Dear Techie Kids,

    I use Picnik for almost all my pictures its so fun I love editing them and making my pictures look black and white my favorite part is the stickers I am so glad that Mrs.Moore showed us that program if she hadn’t have showed us that program I don’t know what I’d do thank you so much for showing us that program Mrs.Moore.

    Your Friend, Kayla

  12. Dear Techie Kids I like to take pictures of people especially when they are posing I could take pictures all day but if I’m sure that if I did people would be annoyed well that’s what i would like to take pictures of cant wait to hear yours.

    your Friend, Kayla

  13. Dear Angelica,

    My favorite person to take picture of is my little brother. It’s Nicholas he acts so silly. But not today because he is sick. Who do you like to play with at home. I like to play with my sister Nicole because she makes me laugh.

  14. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    I love taking pictures of my family and my friends. I got a camera for christmas and it is lime green. i love it so much and i always take funny pics or my friends. one of the pics is my friend on the floor with one of my outfits on and is so funny.


  15. Dear Mrs.Moore

    I like to take picturs of random things. I dont know why but some times you get really cool pictures. Like the sunset picture I took yesterday was like zebra print in the sky. It was super cool.

  16. Dear Mrs. Moore

    I love photo editing, I do it all the time. Well, on my iPod I have this app where you can photo edit them. Angelica do you photo edit pictures.

    From Natalie

  17. It’s great to see you getting into photography. I really like the ‘swirling effect’. I am going to have a look at the sites you haveused. Have you thought about creating postcards for the postcard project? We did that today and it worked quite well. We need to get some heavier card though.

    Mr E