Sight Words & Color Words

There are many ways that technology can be used to support what we are learning. Here’s one idea made especially for our Kindergarteners.


Click on the link below to watch our Photo Story and practice your sight words.


Kindergarten Sight Words 1



Special thanks to Aspen, Carlie Jo, Gavin, and Josh. You did a great job with your speaking skills!


Stay tuned for more sight words to practice…


Click on the link below to watch our Photo Story and practice your color words.


Color Words



Special thanks to Allen, Casey, Faith, Jacob, Nicholas, Rylie, and Samantha. You did a great job helping us with our colors!


What is your favorite way to practice something you learn in school?



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12 thoughts on “Sight Words & Color Words

  1. Dear Techie Kids,

    Good job Allen, Casey, Faith, Jacob, Nicholas, Rylie,Samantha, Aspen, Carlie Jo, Gavin, and Josh! You all did a great job. I like to practice things I learn in school by finding a game on the internet about what I’m learning and play it.


  2. Dear Angelica,

    Nice job leaving a comment on our blog. 🙂 Thank you for being so positive and encouraging! The Kindergarteners will really appreciate it. Do you have a favorite website that you use to practice things you’ve learned in school?

    Mrs. Moore

  3. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    There are so many websites and I can’t pick a favorite. I love to use Mr. Salsich’s division games. Since I’ve been playing those games I’ve been a lot better at division.


  4. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    Tell Aspen, Charlie, Jo, Gavin, Josh, Allen, Casey, Faith, Jacob, Nicholas, Samantha, and Rylie that they did a really did a great good on the post. When I learn new things in school I like to go over it like saying it over and over again so I remember it.


  5. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    My favorite way to study something I learn in school is to get one of my parents to help me. First I look at the study guide. Next, I would have one of my parents tell me things about it and I would have to answer the questions.

    From Natalie

  6. Dear Techie Kids,

    Great job Gavin, Carlie Jo, Josh, Aspen, Allen, Casey, Faith, Jacob, Nicholas, Rylie, and Samantha! I really like the Sight Words and Color Words idea. Mrs. Moore always comes up with wonderfull ideas dosen`t she? Keep it up the rest of you guys!

  7. Dear Techie Kids,

    I hope you all had fun learning your colors! Here is A great way to practice, make homemade flash cards. Say it was red you could put pictures of fire trucks and ladybugs. It is really fun!

    From Jordan1

  8. Dear Mrs.Moore

    I had the coolest thing happen to me and it is going to happen again. its my volleyball tornament. well once i was trying out for a volleyball team called Dynasty. When i was trying out the coach said i was really good. So after the tryouts my mom got a email and it said that i made a 14u team. they do know im 10 right. At my first pracice i was really nervos. one girl on my team was really mean to me. she said that i couldnt practice with here and she calls me shorty. but after all of that i wasent nervous at all. at my first tornament i did really good. that was my story of how i got on a volleyball team.


  9. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    The best way to help me pratice in math is to get a pice of paper draw them out.What is your fav thing to help you pratice?From Beth

  10. Dear Hannah,

    I use flash cards to. I have times cards. Do you have time cards? Are you on times? Do you know what math around the wold?It is where you have all sorts of cards?

    your pal,
    William from Techie kids

  11. Dear TechieKids,
    I recommend reading Ralph S. Mouse.It is a fiction book.
    I recommend reading Ralph s. Mouse because I Thought it was funny. ralph was suppose to smell his way through the maze but he just jumped over the walls instead.He can ride a motorcycle.he can talk.