February Blogging Challenge

We have been discussing digital literacy quite a bit these past months. We have been making connections everywhere we look. Additionally, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders have been introduced to spreadsheets in Excel. Watch for the projects they are working on to be posted later…


I know that our time together each week is quite limited. I would like to make sure that we have not forgotten about our blog buddies and how to write quality comments. SO, in an effort to encourage you to practice your digital skills at home, I am issuing a blogging challenge! This month, students can earn 1 piece of candy per 2 quality comments left on our blog or on our Blog Buddies posts. Remember, a quality comment would include all of the items we have discussed in class. The top comment writer will receive a cool PRIZE! All other participants will have an opportunity to win a prize, as well, by having their name entered into a drawing.

Blog Alphabet


Please post a comment here to tell us what you are learning from our friends and where you learned it. The student who finds the most interesting or unique fact will also receive a PRIZE.  We will vote on the most interesting comments at the end of the month.

Don’t forget to ask questions and leave comments for other students.


Another part of the challenge involves practicing your keyboarding skills at home. You have an extra chance to earn 1 piece of candy each week that you practice your keyboarding skills at home. Visit Dance Mat Typing or E-Learning for Kids, from home, at least 2 times for 20 minutes each during the week. Then, leave a quality comment on this post with your first name and an adult family member’s first name who can confirm that you met this challenge.






Thanks to Miss Jordan and 2KJ for sharing this idea with us! You can read about their challenge here.


Happy Blogging!


What have you learned from our Blog Buddies?


Can you tell me about a time that you participated in a contest?


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42 thoughts on “February Blogging Challenge

  1. Dear Mrs. Moore and Friends.

    I decided to answer the contest question. Here is my answer!
    Yes, I have been in a contest. I always enter the newspaper coloring contest. It’s fun and gives you something for a rainy day. I never won but oh well! I always try my best and that what matters right? Even when I don’t win i’m a little down in the dumps but, I’m happy that I participated in it. That’s pretty much it. Good luck to everyone!
    Your friend,

    • Dear Stephanie,

      I have also entered a coloring contest. Except it would not go in to the news paper, it goes in a calender! It is so cool because they have 3 every year! One for Winter, one for Fall, and one for Summer. I bet you will win next time. Good luck!

      your pal,

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for leaving a great comment on our blog! I have seen the newspaper coloring contest before. How many times have you participated? What was the most interesting picture you colored?

    Enjoy your snow day!
    Mrs. Moore

  3. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    I entered so many times I lost count! The interesting picture I ever colored was probaly Halloween. Last year they had some type of haunted house to color it was so cool! Did you see that one?

    Your Friend,

  4. Dear Mrs.Moore

    I tried dance Mat typing and I loved it. I played for about 20 minutes and now my goal is to type faster than you if that’s possible.


  5. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    I love to post on Techie kids! it is so much fun! What is your Favroite thing to do in the winter?

    Your Buddy,

    • Dear Beth,

      Jessica’s favorite thing to do in winter is build a snow fort. Ashley’s favorite thing to do in winter is ice skating. We like leaving comments on Techie Kids too. Do you have a favorite activity in the winter?

      Your buds,
      Ashley and Jess

  6. Dear Mrs.Moore

    I played Dance Mat Typing. I played for 20 minutes 2 days in a row. It was so much fun I loved it! My mom’s name is Sinad.

  7. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    I never entered any contest. I wish I did. There have to be so fun! The prizes are big or small. Loose or win it still is so much fun! Bye.


  8. Dear Stephanie,

    How much fun are the coloring contest? When did you start entering them? I think they are very fun. Where are they in the paper? See you at schhol. Bye.

    Your Friend,

  9. Dear Mrs. Moore: I entered a ice fishing contes a couple weeks ago. The main goal in the contest was to see who caught the biggest fish. I went with my dad and it is very hard. I saw an animal called a mudpuppy. I heard that animal is almost extinct. I also caught one fish but it was only five or six inches long. I didn’t win but I had fun!

    • Dear Brett,

      When I was five I entered a fishing contest.
      When my dad went to get some more worms I was siting on the grass. Then I saw my dad’s poll moving.So I got up and garbed my dad’s poll reeled in a
      18 inch cat fish.That day I won the fishing contest.

  10. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    I played On Dance mat typeing It is so much fun. Have you tryed Dance mat typeing? Have a supper day or evening well goodby

    Your Friend,

  11. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    oh yeah i did do a contest i was at the fishfly place. I entered a balloon contest i lost but i had fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your Friend,

  12. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    Hi.I played for 20 minutes 2 days in a row. My mom’s name is Sinad. I only play Dance Mat Typing. Idon’t play e-learning for kids because it doesn’t work. the last time I told you I played for 20 minutes 2 days in a row was for last week. Bye.


  13. Dear Mrs. Moore,
    Once I enterd a drawing contest it was really fun. I came in third place out of 16 people. Have you ever enterd a contest if you did tell me, if you havent tell me if you wished you did or if you are glad you didn’t.

  14. Dear Techie Kids,

    I love Microsoft Excel! I use it to keep track of what Beyblades I have and what I want. One time I entered a coloring contest and I won 1st prize. Well, I got first out of 5 and 6 year olds. I won a 10$ gift card to MJR.


  15. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    On the Skinny I found a post about Mars. The post is about going to Mars and never coming back. So what I found out was that more people would not like to go to Mars and the rest would go. Also, it said; if u can bring three things what would they be and a lot of people put there laptop.

    I also went in a sand castle contest. We had groups of 5. My group made a penguin. It took us a little while to build it but it was fun. My team won. We got a big candy bar but we had to split it a must the 5 of us.

    Your pale,

  16. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    I played for 20 minutes. My moms name is jennifer. I played Dance Mat Typing.It was so much fun. I hope you keep putting on more games.

    from, Natalie

  17. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I think this is a great oppurtunity for kids who need to learn to type and or commenting. I really like the idea of a contest. If we do this every month for the rest of the year, your blog will be very popular. Many people will be commenting on your blog alot more. This contest could be a sucess at what you were getting at.

  18. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    One time I tried to be in student concil and I won!Iwas so suprised.I was very proud of myself.


  19. Dear Jack,

    Thanks for the comment and commplament. I spelled a word wrong. I don’t have a favrite game. What’s your’s? What class are you in? I’m in Mr.Mitt’s class room. 4th grade. I have a kid in my class also named Jack. I was wondering if it was you. Bye.


  20. Dear Techie Kids,

    One day I was at the hair salon and there was a contest going on. It was a drawing contest. The contest was about drawing a Easter picture and who ever has the best drawing wins a Easter basket full of all kinds of awesome prizes. So I drew a picture of the count down till Easter with the Easter bunny. Then one day we got a call from the hair salon telling us that I won. So we went to go to the hair salon to pic it up.
    Hope you enjoyed!!

    Your Friend,

  21. Dear Mrs.More,

    I went to a different school before I came here and we had Dance Mat Typing on our website. I’ve played Dance Mat Typing in fourth grade and it really helped and it’s really fun too.

    Morgan 🙂

  22. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    Yesterday Mr.Alvaro was on the Skinny showing us something.It was really cool.There is a contest for Google. You have to draw a doddle for Google.There are always different doddle’s on the internet and if you draw a doddle and the people from Google like it.It will be on Google for the word Google but if you win you get 15,000 dollers.So wish me good luck.

  23. Dear 2KM and 2KJ,

    How was your Holiday? My winter break was awesome! And now I play hockey. Right now it is Friday. Last Tuesday our class went on a field trip to the musuem. Last Monday it was Valentine’s Day. I got two toys for Valentine’s Day. How is Leo doing? Our class pet named Red is doing great.

    Your pal,

  24. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    What is your favroite thing to do in the Summer or Fall or Spring or Winter?In Fall I like to jump in a leaf pile.In Summer I lke to go swimming at my Anuts house.In Spring I like to pick flowers.Do you like to pick flowers?In Winter I like to biuld a snowman or go sledding.Well I have to go By By

    Your Bud,

  25. Dear Mrs. Moore,
    Have you ever entered a contest? I’ve been in many contests. The one I wrote about was a ice fishing contest. Another question is what did you do this winter break? I went to Cassville. I went sledding there with my neighbors. We had a lot of fun.

  26. Dear Techie Kids,

    Here is my answer to the contest question. Last year I went to a Halloween costume contest. There were mostly little kids. My Grandma made the greatest costume for it! I was an Indian girl from American Girl. I brought the doll that my costume matched! We had to march around. Then they said the First, Second, and Third places. Third place was a Toys R Us Gift Card which a little kid won. Second place was a giant candy bucket which a little kid won. First place was a GIANT LOLLY POP!!! Then they said that I WON FIRST PLACE!!! Have you been to a Halloween Contest?

    From, Jennifer

  27. Dear Techie Kids,

    I found an interesting fact for you. On March 1 there will be a Math Day. Math Day is when 236 countries, 479,732,613 people come to solve math problems and other math things.Like,doing addition,subtraction,multiplication, and division problems.
    I think that this Math Day will be the biggest ever because, last year there were only 2,403,526 people and also this year there might be more then 479,732,613 people.


    I found this information from Mr.Salsich’s blog

  28. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    Have you ever been in a contest before?I have Ballon Dartz throwing contest!
    do you like to go sledding?HHMM.What is your fav color?HHMM.Your are the best teacher!!!!BY

  29. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    Do you like to go sledding? I love to go sledding. How Did you get to know so much about cumputers? What is your fav color? Mine is GREEN. Do you like GREEN? Do you like T.V.? I love T.V.
    Your Colorful BFF,

  30. Dear Mrs.Moore

    I am going to answer your question. What I have learned from bloging buddies are that we live in very difrent places. They live aeacross the ocean and we live above Canda. Thay have not the same days as us like today is Monday and I think in Alstralea it is Sunday.Your BFF,Beth