Snow Days

Snow days are great, aren’t they? We had two of them last week. It looked like a snow globe in my backyard. I’m sure you all had a lot of fun playing outside. Vote on our poll so I can see which winter activities you enjoy most. Then be sure to leave us a comment and share a story about your snow day adventure.



What is your favorite thing to do in the snow?


Tell me a story about your snow day adventures.


Write a poem using your five senses to describe how you feel when you are outside in the snow.


If you don’t usually see snow in your area, tell us about the first time you did.



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40 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    On my snow days, I went out side with my sistet. We had tons of fun together! We had snow ball fights, tried to make a snowman, and even brushed the snow off the cars! That was my favorite part belive it or not. How was your snowday?


  2. Hi Techie Kids,
    My favorite thing to do outside on a Snow Day is to make snow angels with my daughter. We love how the snow feels as we swish it back and forth underneath us. Do you know how to make snow angels too?

    I have a class blog with my Grade 4 class (The Classroom Connection)and we just added your blog to our blog roll. 🙂 We like how you made a Snow Days post. We did the exact same thing a while back when we had our first snow day. Just last week, we had to close our school early because of a snow storm. Have you ever had to close your school early because of snowy weather?

    Your blogging buddies,
    Mrs. Webb-Scheers and the students of 4WS

    • Dear Mrs. Webb-Scheers and 4WS,

      Thank you for leaving a wonderful comment on our blog! It’s always great to find new friends. I love to make snow angels with my daughter, too! She likes falling over backwards into the soft snow and hearing it crunch beneath her.

      Thank you for adding us to your blog roll. We have done the same. Our students meet in Technology class for 60 minutes, 1 time each week. We are finishing up our Microsoft Excel Projects this week. Next week, we will visit The Classroom Connection in class.

      We have not had to close school early because of a snow storm any time in the recent past. I think it might be a fun idea to find where you live on Google Earth. Then we can see if location might be part of why you’ve closed early and we have not.

      Your new friends,
      Mrs. Moore and the Techie Kids

  3. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    My favorite thing to do in the snow is i don’t have one. I have a snowball fight. I make a snowman and build a snow fort. I aslo go sledding. :). Bye.

  4. Well, that takes me way back. I don’t do anything on the poll, but that’s why I’m commenting! On a snow day, I do what no kid would want to do, I like to shovel the driveway! I know it’s weird, but after that I go inside my house, drink hot coco, kick back relax, and enjoy spending time with my dogs! Then I go back outside and… I know what you think I’m going to say, well your wrong, I go outside, not to play, but to shovel the back yard so my dog’s feet don’t get cold when they go out there. Last but not least, play Scene It with my parents.

  5. Dear Mrs. Moore
    On the snow days I hung out with my riend angela.We made snowmen,
    had snowball fights, and had hot cholate when we were all done. Well thats what I did. What did you do?

  6. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    We are answering what is your favorite thing to do in the snow. Our favorite snow activity is having a snowball fights! It is fun because we can throw very hard only if it is packing snow.

    Your friends,

    Kayla and Olivia

  7. Dear Mrs.Moore,
    I love snow days, do you???Well, I love to go hang out with my friends and go snowboarding, sledding, and ice fishing.What do you like to do on snow days??Well, i hope you like to do fun things on snow day hope you get back to me:)!!!!!

    • Dear Deja and Colista,

      When I was younger, I used to love going outside on snow days! I always enjoyed sledding, ice skating, and snowboarding. I remember trying to teach my brothers how to snowboard. Unfortunately, the hills we were on had a great deal of icy patches. My brother, Chris, wiped out pretty hard and actually broke his wrist. Do you know that my brother still thinks it’s my fault he got hurt? Brothers can be so silly! 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your snow day favorites!
      Mrs. Moore

  8. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    Cool post! I love to skate and go sledding. Both are really fun. One snow day I went sledding and this four year old almost ran over me. I jumped out of the way, but he squished my sled. I could hear kids screaming, felt the wind on my face, touched the snow, saw the big sledding hill, and smelt the hot cocoa when I got home. I know I live in the area, but the first time I saw snow was when I was six months. I thought it was fluffy white clouds that fell from above. Good job on the blog.


  9. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    Last year I had an awesome snow day because my dad and I build this really awesome snow sled ramp, that a lot of kids on my block would come on over to my house and play on it with us. My dad and I had a lot of fun on the snow sled ramp. What was an awesome snow day for you?

    Oh, also my favorite thing to do in the snow is have a snow ball fight with my friends and family. What is your favorite thing to do in the snow?

    Your friend,

  10. Dear Techie Kids,

    I like to go snowboarding and sharpen my skills. Right now I can make it down the hill and do a tiny jump. I also shoveled Parker. I did the most bizarre thing yet I went to an outside shopping area both days. I wasn’t very cold because the buildings block the wind.


  11. Dear Techie Kids,

    On the two snow days me and my friend Morgan built a really cool snow fort we were working on an inside but it’s not working out to well the other thing we have on are snow fort is a slide its really cool well that’s what what I did on my snow day cant wait to see what you did.

    Your friend, Kayla

  12. I like to go snow boarding.I also like to go sledding. I go sledding and snow boarding in town. it’s big.Well talk to you later.

  13. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    I chose building a fort but that’s not my favorite thing to do. I like to shovel the drive way I know it sounds boring but it is fun for me.


  14. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    Here’s a poem for you!

    W hen I come outside I see snow.
    I love to hit my dad in the head with a snowball.
    N ever do I do that to my mom.
    T he water is now freezing.
    E veryone building snowmen.
    R unning to the kitchen to get some hot chocolate.

    Your Friend,

    • Dear Sierra,

      Thank you for sharing your lovely poem! It painted a colorful picture of a fun, snowy day. I agree with you. I think you are wise to avoid hitting your mom in the head with a snowball. I don’t think she’d enjoy that very much!

      You can have a few more days of snowy fun while it lasts. I am hoping the snow is on its way out to make way for spring flowers!

      Your teacher,
      Mrs. Moore

  15. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    My favorite thing to do in the snow is to ice skate because all of my friends like to ice skate too. I also like to have snowball fights with my friends and family. I once threw a snowball and hit my dad right in the back! What do you like to do in the snow?

    Your Friend,

  16. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    I was with my grandma over the weekend and I asked her what her favorite snow day activity is and she said; staying inside her house and keeping warm.

    Your pale,


    • Dear Mrs. Moore,

      I was just looking at the votes right now and I can’t believe that snow ball fights are winning. I thought that going sledding would win for sure, because a lot of people go sledding in the winter and I thought that snow ball fights would be second.



  17. Dear Techie Kids,

    My favorite thing to do on a snow day is to have a snowball fight with my friends! One time my friends and I had a snowball fight. It was boys against girls. Once I got hit with a piece of ice. It hurt but I got over it. Of course girls won! Whats your favorite thing to do in the summer?

    Your Pal,


  18. Dear Mrs.Moore

    I dont do much outside on a snow day. I more just sit on the computer. But when I do go outside I do enjoy haveing snow ball fights and building forts. I saw a really big fort like 10 feet tall. It was cool. What was the bigest fort you saw?

  19. Dear Techie Kids,

    My favorite thing to do on a snow day is to have a snowball fight with my friends! I remember in 2009 I had a snowball fight. The fight was boys against girls. There were 7 girls and 6 boys. So, it was pretty equal I think. I got hit with a huge piece of ice! It hurt, but I got over it quickly. Whoever got hit got out. So, girls won! Well, that was one of my snowdays, what’s yours? Also, what’s your favorite thing to do in the summer?

  20. Dear mrs. moore,

    I like going ice skating with my family. It is so funny because my sisters are just learning, and they are doing better than me!

    Your Pal,

    • Dear Ashley,

      I like to go ice skating to with my family too, but i like to go snowboarding and sleding. Do you have fun when you ice skate? Do you like to snowboard and sleding.

      your friend,


  21. Dear Mrs.Moore
    my poam
    When I go outside I see snow
    when I open my nose I smell fire burning
    I walk outside I touch my overhang
    I walk I taste the snow not yellow snow
    I go outside I hear brids

  22. Dear Mrs.Moore,
    my poam

    I walk outside I see snow
    I walk farther I smell fire
    I touch the ice I slip
    I hear little birds
    I taste the snow[not the yellow

    From Beth

  23. Dear Techie kids,

    I hate the snow. Do you? But i do like having snow ball fights. What winter activity do you like. I can’t wait to Summer. Can you. Have you ever went swimming in the winter? I have at my friends Birthday party. I am going to go to my sisters piano rectal and there will be a pool at the hotel.

    Sincerely, Hannah

  24. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I like to go sledding or ice sckating.What Is yours???
    You are so nice like me. Also so so so very pretty like me.

    From, Beth

  25. Dear Mrs. Moore and friends,

    It has been a fun winter this year. I have been sleding and playing out in the snow. I was with my Dad when I went sleding and we were at the hill at New Baltimore Park. There were tons of people.

    Happy Winter,

  26. Dear Techie Kids,

    Over the weekend I played my D.S with my best friend Deja. We watched TV and talked outside. We were having a good time but she had to go home. I asked my dad if she could stay the night and he said yes. We had so much fun!
    Your Friend,

  27. Dear Techie kids,
    The students in my class have been so pleased to be getting so many comments from you guys. Your comments are very great! We love hearing from you.

    This post was very interesting to me because awhile ago we had made a post called snow post. It was just like yours pretty much but, without a poll and we had a picture.

    Well my favourite thing to do in the snow is: slide, and have loads of fun.
    Kaitlyn in Mrs webb scheers class

    • Dear Kaitlyn,

      Thank you for visiting and leaving us a lovely comment!

      I like how you are making connections between our snow days posts. The picture on your post looks very pretty. You all look so cozy in your winter gear. The New Brunswick tourism video made me want to go snowmobiling!

      Have you ever created a poll before? I think they are great for finding out how a large group of people feel about a topic. The Techie Kids love to vote on polls because we always enjoy sharing our opinion!

      Best wishes,
      Mrs. Moore

  28. Dear Techie Kids,

    My favorite winter activity is building snow forts because I have made that one of my winter hobbies. I also asked my mom if I could use up the yard to build a huge snow fort. Not to mention me, and my brother go around building snow forts when we play with our friends.


  29. Oh dear I must be getting old! I like watching snow falling, big fluffy limps. But I like to be indoors and warm. Even as a child I didn’t like playing in the snow. I have noticed that in Finland they play tug-of war in the snow and theuy build all sorts of elephants, like ‘snow elephants’.
    How long does the snow last where you are?

    We’ve just started blogging, but this week we’re on holiday. Perhaps you’d like to drop by some time?

    Mr E
    Hawes CP School

  30. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    Here’s an interesting fact! On Mr. Salsich’s blog I found out the had 18 inches of snow. That is more than double of what we got. They had a day off and a delayed opening the next day. They built cool forts, I mean way better than I could ever do. Sledding must have been a riot with all that snow. One time Sydney, Paige, and I tried to make a sledding hill in my backyard, but it only ended up to be 3 inches tall.


  31. Hi Mr. E,

    Thanks for leaving us a comment!

    I can absolutely relate to how you feel. I very much enjoy staying nice and warm inside during the cold weather. In Michigan, we could have snow anytime between November and March. How long it sticks around is a big question. Michigan has a saying, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute, it’ll change.” Last week, our snow melted and I thought we were done with it for the season. I am sad to say it returned the day after it melted. I always enjoyed snow sports when I was younger, like snowboarding, ice skating, and sledding. Unfortunately, I haven’t really been able to give much time to those activities since my two daughters were born. I think I’m just ready to start seeing green grass and flowers again. Please share with us what the weather is like in your area.

    We will visit your blog this week and take a look around as well.

    Best wishes,
    Mrs. Moore

  32. Dear Techie Kids,

    My favourite thing would be to have a snow fight.

    Ethan 😳 😕 😥

  33. Dear Mrs Moore
    I have never really seen snow but if I had my favourite thing to do would proberly be making snow men 😮

    Amy in Ms Vivian’s class 🙂