MACUL 2011

The Techie Kids presented our Fall Skype Party at the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) 2011 Technology Conference.


Derek, Jessica, Madison, and Noah shared all about the many things they learned with their blogging buddies in Australia. They were “Teaching the Teachers!!”

4,000 educators from the Michigan area attended the conference to gather ideas and learn about new ways to make learning experiences meaningful for our students. Our student presenters did an incredible job speaking with adults and sharing their excitement about learning. They also demonstrated their photography skills to share some pictures with all of you.

Well done!


I’d also like to welcome all of the teachers and students that we met at the showcase who are visiting our blog from other schools! Please feel free to leave us a comment and see how much fun blogging can be. 🙂 You can also email me if you’d like.

Additionally, I’d like to thank the wonderful families that brought their children to the conference and have supported us in our adventures! You are awesome!


Here is the BookQuest that we shared at the Student Technology Showcase.


View more presentations from Mrs. Moore


Do you have any questions to ask our four, fabulous, student presenters?



What was your favorite part of working with our blog buddies in Australia?



What kinds of exciting activities do you think we should try in the future?



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13 thoughts on “MACUL 2011

  1. I just smile when I think of how completely different our school situstions sre. It’s just impossible to know where to start. It is very impressive seeing you guys step forward with all your ICT knowledge. I guess our level ICT knowledge is a bit countryfide! But we enjoy what we do. Every week we get nearer to moving on to the level to which we aspire.
    Lots of people seem to be doing ‘quad blogging’, David Mitchell who coined the phrase teaches about 100 miles south of me, he is very talented.
    I was wondering if your comments from other bloggers dropped off, when you commited to QB?
    How did you see the advantages and disadvantages?
    It’s always a pleasure passing by your blog…thanks for putting so much effort into it.

    Mr E

  2. Dear Mr. E.,

    Thank you so much for leaving us a comment! (Countryfide is a fun word. 🙂 )

    I agree, it really is amazing to think of how very different we all are, and yet, how educational blogging can knock down those walls and bring us closer together. You have already started this learning process for your school. I am so excited for your students! You have opened a whole new world for them. You are doing an amazing job! Don’t doubt your knowledge for a second. You are setting a wonderful example of how learning is life-long. It’s not about needing to learn new concepts because we were told to, but because we want to. I see that many other teachers are getting ideas for their classes from you. That is the great part about global collaboration.

    Be encouraged- You are doing a great job! Thanks so much for your kind words!

    Your blogging buddy,
    Mrs. Moore

  3. Hi students…

    I visited your table at the Student Technology Showcase. I was so impressed with what you did, your use of technology, and how easily you talk about your technology skills. You did an awesome job.

    Keep on enjoying this type of connecting with others.

  4. Dear Doug,

    Thank you so much for leaving us a wonderful comment! We really appreciate it. We are so happy you enjoyed the Student Technology Showcase. It was an amazing experience. It is very meaningful for us to receive feedback from people around the world. It show us that what we are doing matters and can have a big impact on the future.

    Your blog has some great discussion points on it with current topics. I will be reading more of it.

    Thanks again for stopping by!
    Mrs. Moore

  5. Dear Noah,

    How are you? Did you have fun at Student Technology Showcase? I can’t believe you got picked to go Student Technology Showcase. What city was it in? I hope to here back from you soon.

    Your friend,

    • Dear Kristen,

      I am great thank you 🙂 . Yes I had a great time. I saw Lego city in the building. I don’t remember what city I was in. 🙁


      Techie Kids

  6. Dear Madison,

    You guys did a good job with the pictures. Madison you are so lucky that you got to go to a technology convention.


  7. Dear Derek, Madison, Noah, and Jessica,

    I thought you guys did a great job. Did you like teaching in front of adults? I bet you are used to adults teaching you. Also what was Detroit like? Was it cool?

    Your blog buddy and Madison’s brother, Ryan

  8. Dear Derek, Jessica, Noah, Madison, and Mrs. Moore,

    Wow that was the greatest slide show ever. I got a question? Did the kids be like teachers?

    Your Blogging Buddy,

  9. Dear everybody who responded to this post,

    It was very cool to get to go to the computer thing. It was a lot of fun. I got to talk to a lot of people.

    Your friend,


  10. Wow! What an amazing job you guys did! I have to tell you, I am soooo impressed at how mature you are and how seriously you took this opportunity to represent LMS at the technology show. I’m going to need to come and spend some time with our TechieKids and learn some things!! Way to go!

    • Dear Mrs. D’Amato,

      Thank you so much for leaving us a comment! It is wonderful when other teachers in our school get involved in our blog. The students have been working so hard and love to share what they are learning!

      I agree that our third graders did a fantastic job at the conference! I’m sure any of the Techie Kids would love the opportunity to teach you something they know. 🙂 Come on down to the Computer Lab anytime!

      Your friend,
      Mrs. M❀❀re