Let’s Meet Mrs. Kistler and the 49’ers!


The Techie Kids are Quad Blogging with three fabulous classes! 


Mrs. Webb-Scheers: The Classroom Connection in Canada

Ms. Vivian: Year 3 Superstars in Australia

Mrs. Kistler: 49 ‘ers in the USA

Mrs. Moore: Techie Kids


Quad Blog Pic


This is the fourth week of our collaborative project.


Mrs. Kistler has a special post prepared to welcome us. 

  Click here to read it!



Here is a peek at what it looks like near the 49’ers.



San Antonio Riverwalk Christmas Lights in USA


So, instead of leaving a quality comment here, let’s head on over to Mrs. Kistler and the 49’ers and visit our Quad Blogging friends! Don’t forget to let them know you’re a Techie Kid!


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6 thoughts on “Let’s Meet Mrs. Kistler and the 49’ers!

  1. Cool I can see people in Texas. its
    kinda cool what if I saw sandy from spongbob
    square pants that wood be so funny

    Sincerely, Danielle

    • Dear Danielle,

      My grampa is in Texas.
      My favorite tv show is Spongebob.
      And my favorite character is Sandy.

      Sincerely, Anthony

  2. Thank you for the poscard you sent us, its very pretty. I like the boats and the sunset. They look awsome in silhouette form. I did not know the names of the 5 great lakes.
    Brydon P6
    Burravoe Primary School

    • Dear Brydon,

      Yay! We are so happy that our postcard has arrived safely. It is fantastic that we were able to share some new information with you. Did the students include that we remember the names of the Great Lakes by thinking of the word, HOMES? Each letter stands for Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior.

      We know from looking at a map that there is a lot of water near where you live. Can you tell us more about the bodies of water near you? We would also like to know about how your country is divided. As an example, our country is divided into 50 states. I hope we can talk more with you soon.

      Your postcard pal,
      Mrs. M❀❀re

    • Dear Brydon,

      Tell me about Scotland. All I know about Scotland is that it is a island? Is it cold in Scotland? Well now I’m going to tell you all about the U.S.! Ok
      in Michigan we have the great lakes


  3. Dear Techie Kids,
    You got postcards? In our classroom, this really generous man named Mr. Tracy gave us postcards to where he traveled on the T.S Kennedy. He and his crew stopped at many beautiful places! One of the places that they stopped was Hawaii. The postcards were so awesome and beautiful. What did you think of the postcards you got?

    P.S Where is your school? Also what is your favorite subject?

    Natalie S.
    Mr. Avery’s class
    Plympton Mass.