Skyping with Mrs. Webb-Scheers and The Classroom Connection!

This week, the Techie Kids were able to learn about New Brunswick, Canada from some very special friends. We were so excited to meet our Quad Blogging Buddies in The Classroom Connection! This was a super-exciting experience for our 52 fourth graders. It was their first time using Skype!

We asked 4WS to teach us about the jobs they have when they prepare for a Skype session. We read about all of their expertise and thought it would be important to hear what they have to say.

Click here to read about their jobs.

We found out that both of our classes were using posters created by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano. I found out about her fantastic resources through Langwitches. Mrs. Webb-Scheers found out about them through Around the World in 80 Skypes.

Here is some of the information that The Classroom Connection think is important to research before Skyping with a class:

What is the main language spoken by the other class?

What is the weather like where they live?

They create 3 questions to ask the other class that cannot be answered by “yes” or “no.”

They never share the name of their school for Internet Safety.

They also shared with us that they have a local sports team called the Slammers.

We found out that they do have special classes like Music, Physical Education, Technology, and Art just like we do. Mrs. Moore thought it was great that they talked about using “21st Century Technology.”

We found out that they eat “poutine.” The Techie Kids had never heard of that food before. 4WS shared that is was French fries with gravy and cheese. Yum!

Image by Joe Shlabotnik . Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Take a look at some of the pictures our student photographers took…

Skyping with The Classroom Connection on PhotoPeach

Thank you so much to our Canadian friends and Mrs. Webb-Scheers for helping us learn globally! I would also like to thank Mrs. Johns and Mr. Mittelstadt for letting me bring their classes back into the technology lab during their regular instruction time!

Tell me something you learned that you did not know before.

What do you think is the most important part about preparing for a Skype call?

Do you have any questions that were not asked during our time together?

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29 thoughts on “Skyping with Mrs. Webb-Scheers and The Classroom Connection!

  1. Dear Mrs. Moore and the Techie Kids,

    4WS had a wonderful time skyping with your class! It was so much fun. We really liked learning about your blog and getting a chance to share with you how we skype in our classroom.

    I hope that we (Mrs.Moore and Mrs.Webb-Scheers) can set up writing buddies in the future and allow individual students to skype about their writing pieces. That was students can share and learn from their global peers in order to become better writers.

    Great job on your first skype learning call and terrific blog post!

    ♥ Mrs. Webb-Scheers

    • Dear Mrs. Webb-Scheers,

      We are glad to know that 4WS had fun, because we sure did! We will definitely talk about more ways that we can work together to support each other’s writing and learning. I do have a couple more ideas to share…
      Thanks for being such wonderful hosts!

      Your friend,
      Mrs. M❀❀re

  2. Hi it’s Noah. I wonder how those french fries taste they look good. What are on them it looks like cheese and gravy I wish I could have that.

  3. Dear Techie Kids,

    That “poutine” looks like chili cheese fries. After reading what it is it looks yummy. That reminds me of mashed potatoes and gravy (which is one of my favorite foods). What sport do the Slammers play? I love to play baseball, volleyball, and basketball. 🙂

    Techie Kids

  4. That reminds me of mashed potatoes and gravy.I never knew that cheese and gravy on french fries could be good I think I mite try it.

    your pal Chris.

  5. Dear Techie Kids,

    I hope the Classroom Connection and the Techie Kids had a great time. Poutine sounds gross ,but I have never tasted it before. I think I should try poutine one time. What sport is the Slammers on?


    Techie Kids

  6. Dear 4ws,

    I think the poutine looks good. I think it might taste mash potatos.
    at my first look I thought the gravy looked like soy sauce.

    your pal from techie kids,

  7. Dear 4ws,

    Poutine looks good, is it good? I hope it is. Do you like poutine? How good or bad is it? I wish I could have some. It looks really good. How do you make it.

    Your pal,
    Ty Techie kids

  8. Dear 4th graders,

    The poutine sounds really good.I would like to try them.The poutine reminds me of cheese fries. I never heard of a poutine before.I have had cheese before but I never had fries in gravy before! I am so glad to have a friend like you.

    your friend,


  9. Dear Mrs. Webb’s class,

    Poutine reminds me of fries. Why did you pick the name poutine?Does every in your class like poutine

    Your Pal,
    Logan techie kids

  10. Dear fourth graders,
    I heard that you guys like poutine reminds me of french fries dipped in mustrud , ketchup,and vinegar. Poutine must taste very good and yummy. I would like poutine with only gravie . I think I would like poutine if I tryed poutine.
    From, Blake

  11. Dear 4th graders,

    I think that the poutine looks vary yummy.I`m
    going try it at home. I hope they make it for me. Were war you when you had the poutine ? i had good time chatting with you.
    Techie Kids

  12. Dear Mrs.Moore ,Techie Kids,Mrs. Webb-Scheers and the 4Ws,

    What a awesome time I had doing Skype!I think the most important part of of preparing for a Skype call is knowing what to do and how to do it. Since I missed the day before the Skype, I was so confused! But, I think I did okay……. I learned about poutine. Which is french fries covered with gravy and cheese! I hope I can try it soon. I don’t really have any questions. I’ve been to Toronto before, (Which is in Canada) and I went to the CN tower and Casa Loma. I was wondering if you’ve ever been there? I love both but I’d pick Casa Loma over CN tower any old day! 🙂 I loved doing Skype with the 4Ws and Mrs.Webb-Scheers! 😀 It was tons of fun! I hope we get to do it again soon!!!!!!! 🙂 Thanks Mrs.Webb-Scheers and class for telling us how YOU Skype!!! Once again I had a AMAZING time!!!! 😀 I can’t wait to Skype together again.
    Your Skyping /Blogging Buddy,
    Stephanie from Techie Kids

  13. Dear Mrs.Webb-Scheers,
    I never knew the food “poutine” existed!
    I wonder what it tastes like,and I hope I get to try it someday.
    It is kind of like mashed potatoes and gravy but with cheese.
    The thing I think is most important about getting ready for skype is getting your questions ready.Skype was very fun!
    Your friend,
    Sara at Techie Kids

    • Dear Sara,i think your right about getting your questions ready. and i would like to try it to.Please repley.

      Your friend Haley

  14. Dear Mrs. Webb-Scheers,
    I think it’s a awesome idea to be writing buddies. It would be fun because, we would be able to hear people’s ideas and stories. I wonder if the 4ws’s and our 4 graders could write one big story?
    Your Friend,
    Julie from Techie Kids

  15. Dear Mrs. Moore,
    I am really happy that we skyped with Mrs. Webb-Scheers and class. It was really fun I hope we can do it again. My favorite part about skyping was we got to see evryone’s face. Thank you Mrs. Moore.
    From, Kenedy

  16. Dear Mrs.Webb-scheers,

    I had so much fun skypeing with your class. I hope I can get a chance to try the fries with gravy and cheese.I think it looks so good and it will be a new thing for me to try.Well I had a lot of fun writing to you and you class.

    Techie kids

  17. Dear Mrs. Webb-Scheers,

    The poutine looked like heaven.I’m going to make my mom make it tonight. The skyping was so much fun!I learned a LOT! I would love to do it again. Got to go. 🙁 Bye!

    Your friend,

    Savannah 🙂 🙁 😛

  18. Dear Mrs.Moore, I had a awesome time skyping with Mrs.WebbScheer’s class. I would love to do it again!I wonder if any in the class has been to Michigan?If any of them have I would love to know.

    see you soon, your friend Haley

  19. Dear Mrs.Moore,
    Those gravy cheese fries look really weird but I woudn’t mind trying the fries.I dont really enjoy trying new things. I wonder if they would actualy taste like regular potatoes with gravy. I never knew that there were fries with gravy on them.

  20. Dear Techie Kids and 4WS,

    I learned that there is farm land in New Brunswick, Canada. I wondered if any of the kids in Mrs. Webb-Scheers class lived on a farm. If you do what is it like? I’ve always wanted to live on a farm land. It would be nice to help with the animals.

    Techie Kids

  21. Dear Mrs. Moore,
    Getting to skype with Mrs.Webb-Scheers was the most important thing to us. This was most important because we got to learn new things. The most important thing to do to get ready for a skype call is to come up with questions to ask and answers for questions the people you are skyping with might ask.

    Brooklynn & Makayla

  22. Dear Mrs. Webb-Scheers,
    I would love to try “poutine” . I want my family to make it. Normally I have french fries with cheese and ketchup. This reminds of when I ate rice with beef gravy. It was so delicious! I had an awesome time skyping with you guys.

    🙂 🙂

  23. Dear TechieKids,
    It looks like you had lots of fun skyping with Mrs. Web-Sheers and the ClassroomConnection. What was your favourite part?
    Sophie 🙂

    • Dear Sophie,

      Thank you so much for visiting us and leaving a comment! I think hearing about a new food was the most interesting topic for this session. The fourth graders liked learning about poutine. After finding out that it was a Classroom Connection favorite, they had fun looking at pictures of it and making comparisons.

      Your buddy,
      Mrs. Moore

  24. Hi our names are Isabella and Katie. We like your bolg and your videos. It is cool. We are in Mr Baldocks class. Our blog is cool and fun. You should go on our blog. It is and we are in Australia.
    from Katie!! and Isabella!! year 2/3 mr b 2011 24/5/2011.