Skyping with Mrs. Watson and the 2/3’s!

This week, we were able to Skype with our friends in British Columbia, Canada. It is always great to talk with Mrs. Watson and the 2/3’s! Our classes decided to try something different this visit. We thought it might be fun to read together.

If you’re going to read together, why not share a poem from You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You.


This fantastic book allowed the 2/3’s to practice one side of the text and the Techie Kids to practice the other side.

Our text was colored purple and

the 2/3’s text was colored pink.

When the blue text appeared in the middle, we read together!

Listen to see what our poem, The Two Mice, sounded like.

You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.

After reading, we learned some super-cool facts about each other.

The 2/3’s have 46 children in their entire school compared to our 400!

There are 17 students in their class compared to the 27 Techie Kids participating in this session.

Our school day is longer by 1 hour and 15 minutes.

We thought it was very cool that some students were able to go home for lunch or have hot lunches delivered to them.

We are very interested in how their class can play in a temperate rainforest.

Everyone thought it would be fun to have a little friend like Chippy the Chipmunk!

Here are some pictures that were taken by our second grade Techie Kids.

We can’t wait to learn more with our buddies!

What was the most interesting thing you learned?

What connections did you make?

What would you like to learn more about?

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31 thoughts on “Skyping with Mrs. Watson and the 2/3’s!

  1. Dear Techie Kids,

    I can’t believe you guys got to skype two times. Tomorrow we are skyping with our blog buddies from Texas. I hope we have a lot of fun. One time when we were skyping with Mr. Bakers class from New Zeland and we got to stay after school. When we were waiting for our parents to pick us up we saw a dubble rainbow. It was really cool.

    Your blog buddy,

  2. Dear Techie Kids,

    That reminds me of what I did in 2nd grade at my old school. Girls read the letters highlighted in pink and the boys read the letters highlighted in blue if there were yellow highlighted letters we read it to together. I think this is important because the students would have to be paying attention to know when to read.

    Your Friend,


  3. Dear Techie Kids,

    I wonder if you kids had a lot of fun or not? It looked like a lot of fun. but I really can’t believe you kids got to skype twice because we only get to skype with our teacher.That reminds me when my teacher skypes with me and my classmates . We skyped with Mr. Austin and Mr. Baker too. well I’ve got to go to my next class. got to go bye.

    Your Friend,

  4. Dear Mrs.Chaney,

    I really loved your video. Keep up the good work.Ms.Moore is the best, is she?

  5. Dear Mrs.Chaney`s class,

    Did you enjoy reading together?Reading together on Skype reminds me of when I read a book with my dad over Skype. We read a chapter book instead.what was your favorite part of skyping?

    Your Friend,
    Ciyah Techie Kids

  6. Dear Techie Kids,

    I did some thing like this before. I did it at my fall party. I got to skyp. It was rely cool.

    Your pal,
    William from Techie kids

  7. Dear Techie Kids,
    I thought the 2 graders did good with the pictures. Some of them I saw my friends. I rember when I skyped too!

    Your Friend,
    3 Grade Techie Kidsab

  8. Dear 2/3s,
    I liked the slide show. I wonder who you skyped with? That reminds me when my class skyped with New Brunswick.

    From,morgan,Techie kids

  9. Dear second graders,
    I never knew there could be so many smiles on faces!It looks like you guys
    had a lot of fun.What was your favorite thing about the skype?
    Also what did you learn?

    your blog buddy Ryan.

  10. Dear Mrs.Watson’s class,

    That reminds me of I had so much fun skyping with a class in New Brunswick, Canada. Did you ever go do skyping before ? Do you eat lunch in your classroom instead of in a cafeteria? Do you have a playground at your school like I have at my school? Do you have specials like computer, art, gym, music, science?

  11. dear mrs chany

    It looks like they had a lot of fun my sister Kaitlyn is in her class we skyped one week ago.It was so much fun!I hope i get to skype again.

    Your blog buddie

  12. Dear Techie Kids,

    Did you have fun when you did the skype call? I am in Mrs.Watson’s 2\3 class.

    I had a lot of fun doing the skype call 😉

    I think that the time differene is very cool because our shcool times are very different to me.

    I hope that we can skype again.

    Have a great day 😉 Bye see you later.

    From Jordan in Mrs.Watson’s 2\3 class

    • Dear Jordan,

      Isn’t it interesting to think about talking to someone who is in a different part of the day? When you are arriving at school in the morning, it is lunch time for us. That sounds silly! 🙂

      Your pal,
      Mrs. Moore

  13. Dear Techie Kids,
    I had fun skyping with you 🙂 . Did you like skyping with us?

    I really liked the poem The Two Mice.

    I can’t wait to skype with you again.


    • Dear Kennedy,

      We absolutely loved talking with you on Skype! Which poem do you think we should read next time?

      Your reading buddy,
      Mrs. Moore and 2nd Graders

  14. Dear Techie kids,

    I remember doing the to mice with you. It was really fun. Did you think it was fun? My favourite part of it was saying the names. They were funny.

    from Justin in Mrs Watson’s class

    • Dear Justin,

      We thought skyping with you was very fun! We giggled at the silly names too. 🙂

      Your buddies,
      Mrs. Moore and the Grade 2’s

  15. Dear Techie kids,

    I thought that the skypecall was so much fun. What was your favourite part of the skype all? My favourite part was reading the Two Mice.

    Talk to you soon 🙂


    • Dear Sophie,

      Hmm, I think my favorite part was listening to all of you reading together. We haven’t tried that before and both classes did a marvelous job! Even though we were far away, we were able to do something together. I wonder which poem we will read next…

      Your friend,
      Mrs. Moore

  16. hi, am Danielle Iam from hawes Primay school please can you go to are blog and send a commant.And I like the music I thinck is a trumpet?

    • Dear Danielle,

      Hello and welcome to our blog! It is so nice to have a visitor from England. 🙂 I definitely hear some brass instruments playing in the video, too. I do enjoy visiting your blog as well.

      Mrs. Moore

  17. Dear Techie Kids,
    I have skyped before. It was very fun. My favourite part about it was asking and answering questions. The blogs and people that The Classroom Connection have skyped with are… Techie Kids, The Year 3 Supers49’ers and Sheree Fitch! Do you know who Sheree Fitch is? What is your favourite thing about skyping?
    I see that when your class leaves comments your avatars are what you want them to be…
    I was wondering how you do that?
    Kaitlyn in The Classroom Connection

    • Dear Kaitlyn,

      I like asking and answering questions while skyping, too. I always learn so much. Can you tell us more about Sheree Fitch?

      We use Gravatar so our image will follow us around to different blogs. Mrs. Webb-Scheers can send me a message if she wants to hear more. 🙂

      Your quad blog buddy,
      Mrs. Moore

  18. I cannot belive you got to sykpe, twice! You are so lucky. Mr.E says that at some point we are going to sykpe, but I doubt we will do it twice!

    Maybe I could try to convince Mrs.D to do it with us in class. Did you have fun doing it? What can you do on it?

  19. Hi, I’m Chloe I come from Hawes C.P School in England!

    I like your Music a lot! You are Lucky, you are using sykpe already. Mr.E (our headteacher) has been talking about it for a while now and we still haven’t done it. I hope we can do it soon. From your point of veiw it looks fun! Is it?

    What can you do on sykpe? I really hope we can do sykpe soon!

  20. Dear Mrs Watson’s class,

    We have a very good class. We have 3 ovals at our school. Thank you for the post card. We also have 3 play grounds at our school. We are Mr Baldock’s class.
    Do you have 3 ovals or playgrounds at your scool. What is it like at your school? How many people do you have in your class? We have 27 people in our class.

    From Alicia and Emma

  21. Hello techie kids. My name is John and I am from Australia.
    I have a fantastic class. Thank you for the postcard you gave us.
    Mr. Baldock is my teacher! You are lucky to use Skype at school.
    I would love to hear more about your class. What is your favourite subject?

    From John in 2/3 Mr. Baldock’s class.

  22. Greetings Mrs. Watson and the class my name is Chris and I have been skying resiliently and i think fun an interesting.

    From techie kids