We just love learning with our friends around the world!

Mrs. Eldridge teaches a group of 4-7 year old children in North Yorkshire, England.

The idea for this project began when she shared with us that their  school is located right next to an old castle. We thought that would be very fun. None of the Kinder-Techie Kids have seen a real castle before.

Mrs. Eldridge decided to post pictures of Middleham Castle on her blog, The Class Around the Corner. Our Kindergarten students were amazed!

They started to imagine what it would be like to live there. The children shared their ideas about who could have lived there. They thought about what it might look like inside or what the floor plans might have looked like.

The Kindergarteners took their ideas and wonderings and used our computer drawing programs to  create their own castle.

After we started our project, Mrs. Eldridge and Mr. Eldridge went to Bolton Castle on their vacation. They took more pictures and sent us another message with incredible images of the inside and outside of the castle. The pictures are spectacular! The 5 and 6 year olds continued to add to their designs and ideas.

These are some of the pictures that inspired us.

Castles on PhotoPeach

We used Kidspiration to organize our castle words and thoughts.


Here are our castle creations!

Do you have your own castle stories or ways that you have used your imagination? Please let us know if your class would like to join in on the castle fun by leaving us a message on this post.

What other castle words can you can add to our list?

Can you tell us a castle story?

What do you imagine it would be like to live in a castle?

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53 thoughts on “Castles

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  2. Dear Christian,

    What a awesome castle you made! I love it so much! Nice job buddy! I think if I could live in a a castle it would be fun! Don’t you think it would be fun? I wonder if the alligator in your picture is hungry for the princess? This is important because then Prince Charming wouldn’t be able to save her! NOT good. Is it? Like I said awesome job!

    Your Big Buddy,

    • Dear Stephanie,

      Thank you for leaving me a message. Yes, I want to live in a dragon castle.

      Your little buddy,

      • Dear Christian,

        Your welcome alot! A dragon castle, sounds very exciting! I can’t wait to draw my castle and show you it! See you Friday buddy!

        Your Big Buddy,

  3. Dear Nicholas,

    This is your big buddy Ryan! I thought your castle was amazing! I never knew someone could design such a cool castle! What made you think of making a castle like the one you made? I wonder if you will live in that castle someday. I know I want to. I will see you this Friday so see you then.

    Your buddy,

    • Dear Ryan,

      Thank you for saying good stuff. I thought of it because of the castles pictures with drawbridges. I think you will live in a castle too.

      Your little buddy,

  4. Dear Caitlynn ,

    I really liked your castle it was beautiful.I was just wondering were the the princes was but of course you are the princes.



    p.s See you Friday

    • Dear Simone,

      Thank you for thinking my castle was pretty. The prince is by the princess.


  5. Dear James,

    I like the castle you made. I will see you Friday.

    Your friend,

  6. Dear Techie Kids,
    The whole castle thing reminds me of when I went to a castle in Canada! The castle’s name was Casa Loma. It was pretty-Very pretty in fact. We went down this long hallway, and we saw….a swimming pool! No not that kind. It was empty! 🙁 So we kept on walking down the hall. It led to the Horse Stables. No horses of course. Then it led to something that looked like a church or school. It had benches, two rows of them. At least eight of them on each side. So about sixteen benches. You could fit about four people on them! That’s not a lot. The whole room would fit a total of….fifty-four people! Maybe more, if some of them were babies! That’s a ton. Casa Loma is a once in a life time thing. And boy was I glad to go there! So much fun. We also got to see the King’s and Queen’s bedrooms. It looked like a lot kind of. Back then it was the best room you could get. Now a days we’ve seen better. I was sad at one point. Because they had the Maid’s room roped off! All well. Got to go, bye!

    Your Friend,

  7. Dear kindergartens,

    You did a good job on that castles. I think that is cool. Keep on doing the good work


  8. Dear Kindergardners

    I loved all of your castles they were all beautiful. {O and hand-some for the boys.}I wounder how you guys made them so good.That reminds me of the times I make sand castles.I think it would be boring because you couldn’t go running around. What would you think it would be like living in a castle?

    From a forth grade class,


    • Dear Dillon and Sallie,

      Thank you for leaving us a message. We used hard work, bricks, and imagination. You can see different things. You could see armor. It would be fun to go in them.

      Your friends,
      The Kindergarten Techie Kids

    • Dear Sallie,

      Thank you for the stuff you said. You are my big buddy.


  9. Dear Techie Kids,

    What a great idea! It must’ve been amazing to see all the pictures of the castle. I can’t imagine having our school right next to one! I’ve never actually been inside of one before.

    I have to say that I think your castles turned out amazing! I’d love to live in any of them! Keep up the great work!

    We added your blog onto our blogroll. We really enjoy reading all the great things you’re doing in class!

    Mr. Avery’s class
    Plympton, MA

    • Dear Mr. Avery’s class,

      Thank you for leaving a fantastic comment on our blog! Your encouraging words will be very special for our Kindergarteners. They worked so hard on their designs!

      It is always nice to find new friends. Our blog buddies are the reason we were able to investigate this topic. Global collaboration is fun! The Techie Kids will be very excited to check out your class blog tomorrow. We will add you to our blogroll as well.

      Your new friends,
      Mrs. M❀❀re and the Techie Kids

    • Dear Mr. Avery,

      Thank you for leaving us a message. We think it would be cool to live next to a castle. Some of us went to Cinderella’s castle at Disney World. That would be awesome if you would live in one of our castles. It would be an honor if you would live there.

      From your friends,
      The Kindergarten Techie Kids

  10. Dear Techie Kids,
    I think it would be fun living in a castle because I’ve never been in a castle before. It would be very fun having a big house.

    a 49’er

    • Dear Savanna,

      I agree it would be cool to live in a castle. A castle is like a big house. Castles are very very tall.

      your pal,
      Alex from techie kids

    • dear Nyla it would be cool to live in a real castle it would make me feel like im’ a real princess. i love castles i always wanted to live in a castle

      from your buddy olivia

  11. Dear Techie Kids,
    I think it will be fun to live in a castle with all that open space. It’s like having the biggest house in your neighborhood. My favorite castle is the Boston castle.

    • Dear Nestor,

      Thank you so much for visiting and leaving us a comment! I also think it would be fun to live in a castle. It would probably be a fantastic place to play hide and seek. Can you share what you like about the Boston castle?

      Your buddy,
      Mrs. M❀❀re

  12. Dear Techie Kids,

    The castles looks fun to explore. I have never seen that big of a castle before. What was your favorite thing about the castle? My favorite was the door that had sharp points on it. It would close to protect the castle. I want to vist there.

    Cole, A 49’er

    • Dear Cole,

      I never been in a castle before. I think it would be really fun and intresting to go in the castle. Would you like to be

    • Dear Cole,

      I never gone in a castle before. I think it would be really fun and intresting to go in a castle. Do you want to be a king? I know I wouldn’t want to be a queen.

      Your Techie Buddie,

      Techie Kids

  13. Dear Techie Kids,
    The castle sure was big and those weapons were really pointy.
    Sean a 49’er

    • Dear Sean,

      Yes, the castles were very big when we compare them to houses that we live in now. Did you know that a person who shapes hot metal is called a blacksmith? A blacksmith created the armor you see in the pictures.

      Your learning buddy,
      Mrs. M❀❀re

  14. Dear Friends,

    I love the pictures of those castles. I would love to live in one. I would live in one if I could. My favorite one was the one with the spikes. Which one is your favorite?

    I love being in high places. For example, I loved going on top of the Tower of America. It is a tall tower and a restaurant.

    Katelyn, a 49’er

    • Dear Katelyn,

      Hmm, I think both castles are pretty fantastic. I like Middleham Castle because it is the castle that inspired us to begin our project. Bolton Castle broadened our view and really gave us a good look at some of the areas inside a castle.

      I haven’t hear of the Tower of America before, so I searched the internet to find more information. I found a 360 degree view from the top! It makes me smile to think of all the fun our Quad Blog buddies had with 360 Cities pictures. 🙂

      Your pal,
      Mrs. M❀❀re

  15. Dear Techie Kids,
    I wonder what it would be like to be a king? The castle
    was really big. My favorite part was the weapons.

    Spencer a 49er

    • Dear Spencer,

      I know what it is like being a king. People chase affter you when you are bad. And gardes say off with his head.


  16. Dear Techie kids,

    I loved watching the castle video. Did all of you like being in the castle and seing the armer sure looked like it? I would have so much fun if I were there. I also liked your drawings of the castle.

    your friend

    • Dear Justin,

      I agree that it would have been fun to go in the castles. The Techie Kids were not able to go in these castles since they are in England and we live in the United States. That’s why blogging is so special! We were able to learn about something far away with the help of our blog buddies.

      Maybe all of us will be able to visit these castles one day. It sure sounds like fun to me!

      Your buddy,
      Mrs. M❀❀re

  17. Dear Mr. Avery and class,

    Thanks for replying. I love the slide show on Techie Kids. The pictures of the castles. Did you like the slide show?

    Your Blogging Buddy,

  18. Dear,kindergartens
    Those pictures are great, I have never gone to a castle before.I bet those castles are really old.Did you guys actually sleep in the castle?I bet that was fun.

    From:Techie Kids

  19. I am having breakfast, well actually my toast and coffee have gone cold! 100 slides about castles! Hey what absolutely wonderful imaginations you guys have. I am so impressed with the quality of your work and the effort you have put into it. I think Mrs Moore must have been up at midnight making the presentation.
    I will show Mrs Eldridge at the weekend, I am sure she will have something to say.
    Castle Story: In the old castles they used to bake bread in the castle walls. A fire was lit underneath and the dough put in and a wooden door was closed. Then the bread baked. When it came out the top was thought better quality, because the bottom was black and burnt a little. The rich people had the top of the bread, that was light and white and the poor people had the rest. Even now we call rich people ‘the upper crust’, meaning they were the ones with the best part of the bread.
    However the lower half of the bread was actually better for you … can you think why?

    Mr E

    • Dear Mr. E,

      I think the castle story is really interesting I never heard it before. That reminds me of a story my grandma used to tell me when I was younger. What means the most to me in the story is the meaning of it.

  20. Dear Mr. Eldridge,

    Thank you for the compliment and your kindness! We would not have had this learning opportunity without you and Mrs. Eldridge. 🙂

    Your castle story is marvelous! Baking bread in the castle walls definitely sounds strange to the Techie Kids. I have heard the “upper crust” story before, but it is new to the students. Would you share with us why the lower half of the crust was better for you?

    Your friend,
    Mrs. M❀❀re and the Techie Kids

  21. Hello Techie Kids!
    What amazing pictures you have created – they are amazing to look at. You have great imaginations.

    My name is Mrs Monaghan and I teach in the same school as Mrs Eldridge, and our class is called ‘A Room with a View’ because we can see the castle from our classroom window, making us the luckiest class ever! At the moment we’re taking a picture of the castle every day, because we want to look at it through the changing seasons, so check out our page later in the year to see that.
    Did you know that the windows in a castle are just slits in the walls so that when the castle was being attacked, the arrows from outside would have very little chance of hitting the archers inside, but the archers inside could aim in all directions? We are lucky to have lots of castles to visit nearby. My favourite castle is Caerlaverock Castle in Scotland, it is very romantic and laid out in a triangle shape. Check it out on Google Images!

    • Dear Mrs. Monaghan,

      It is so nice to find a comment from you! Thank you for your kind words. “A Room with a View” indeed! How fantastic! Please do let me know about your castle project when it is completed. We would love to see what you’ve been up to.

      You’ve shared some great castle facts with us. We also like your vocabulary word, archers. We will head on over to check out Caerlaverock Castle in Scotland. Thanks for sharing!

      Your new friends,
      Mrs. M❀❀re and the Techie Kids

  22. Hi Techie Kids,
    I am most impressed with your learning. You have used your imaginations and been very creative in your design. I would like to share your learning with teachers in New Zealand which is where I live. I am wondering if you would be happy for me to do that. I think they could learn a lot about different ways of learning from checking out your blog:-) Let me know if you are happy.

    • Dear Tania,

      Thank you for visiting and leaving us a wonderful comment! We love to make new friends. All of the Kindergarten Techie Kids are happy. 🙂 We think it is a marvelous idea to share our blog with teachers in New Zealand. We know that everyone learns differently. Technology lets us work with our learning in new and exciting ways! There seems to be something for everyone.

      Please visit us again soon!

      Your new pals,
      Mrs. M❀❀re and the Techie Kids

  23. Dear Stephanie,I have never been to a castle but I would love to go to one someday. I’ve never heard of a castle that has a swimming pool,until you posted a coment about the time you went to a castle.
    your friend,Brooklynn

    • Dear Brooklynn,

      That’s okay cause I never heard of one too until I got there! I started to freak out because I forgot my bathing suit! Haha! 😀 Im so random! 🙂

      Your Friend,
      A Techie Kid ♥♥♥

  24. Dear kindergarteners,good job on your castles. How awsome would it be to live in a castle?I wonder what it would be like to have a castle or even a replica of one next to our school.It would probably be fun because we would be able to have field trips to it.Then we wouldn’t have to look at pictures to know what a castle looks like.

  25. Dear Techie Kids,

    My family is at a trip to Myrtle Beach. Each day its like wake up, brush teeth, eat 3 times, get bathing suit on, press elevator buttons, goto beach, play on sand, go back to floor 14, get on dry clothes and goto bed. But one day, my favorite day was when everyone was watching the fireworks but making sounds like wild monkeys and acting like loose buffalos. The next day was the worst day. There were beer cans near the ocean and chairs getting swept away by the ocean. We’re supposed to keep the earth clean, not rotten, green not brown. What were the college kids doing? The next day was better, I let crabs crawl on me but the worst thing that day was when I found a one inch crab laying on its back dead. I always think silently if that would be me and that would also feel like if I got seperated from my family or if it was your cousin laying on their back. Finally the day came that was the day before we left Myrtle Beach. I hope I wont get a headache like last time but still we have to drive 900 miles, two days to Michigan. Imagine that.

    Your blogging buddy,

  26. Hello class,

    Our names are Kevin and William and we live in Adelaide, Australia. William and I liked your castle blog. It was fantastic, because it looked like a royal castle. In Adelaide we do not have castles that much, but we have buildings and churches. Last week we made castles like your real castles. We like your castles, because it is interesting.
    from Kevin and William.

  27. Dear Morgan,
    The castle in the video was great. The colors really popped out. Did you draw it or did you do something virtual to make it? The castle was very colorful.
    Sydney and Mia
    Two 49’ers

  28. Dear Techiekids,
    The castle looked haunted. It looked like nobody lived in it for years. Was it torn a part? Why is it called the Bolton Castle?
    a 49’er

    • Dear Felice,

      I’m glad you were able to check out our post from last year. Many of our students last year agreed with you. I’m not sure if it was torn apart or if it just broke down after many years. It sounds like that would be an excellent research question! If you investigate further, be sure to share your findings with us. Mr. E from Hawes primary school in England is who we were working on that project with. He is one of your class’ bog buddies too. Perhaps you could write to him with your questions. I think he would be very helpful.

      Happy investigating!
      Mrs. Moore