Clapping Games

Our friends around the world are having fun with playground songs and clapping games. Naturally, the Techie Kids wanted to join in. Here are some of our clapping games.


Concentration from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.

Boom, Snap, Clap!

Boom, Snap, Clap! from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.


McDonald’s from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.

Please be sure to visit our blog buddies and see what playground songs they have shared!


Mr. Eldridge, Hawes Primary School, England


Hawes Newshounds, England


Hawes Primary Class 3, England


Mrs Kistler and the 49’ers USA


Mr. Salsich’s Class, USA


Mrs. McKenzie, Open the Door to B4, NZ


Mrs. Hembree’s Bell Bulldog Readers,  USA


Mrs. Lynch and Room 102, Canada


Which clapping game was your favorite?

Can you share a different playground song with us?

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31 thoughts on “Clapping Games

  1. Hi Everyone,
    Your postcard arrived yesterday and we are all very excited as it is our very first card! We have posted a reply so keep an eye on your letterbox! We have added your class to our blogroll and have visited your site and had a look at some of the great things you’ve been up to.
    Ms Grant and Receptions in 02
    South Australia

  2. Concentration … what a grand effort! I love the bits of video when the people laugh, it’s naturally …natural.
    I am exploring several playground ideas at the moment and i am trying to set one or two things up. However I have lots of less interesting things to do as well…like inspecting ladders and fixing the tap that wouldn’t stop in the girls toilet!
    I am going to have to find a way to watch Vimeo in school. I just can’t think why it’s blocked. Watch out for some new videos very soon.

    Mr E

    • Dear Mr. E,

      I like concentration and boom snap clap. I got to film that and me and Mrs. Moore couldn’t figure out how to put the videos on but we finally figured it out.

  3. To the Techiekids,

    Hi our names are Ashlee and Patricia. We have just been looking at your blog. It is very good. We like kerpoof games and we like how you can make stories and pictures on the kerpoof games. Do you have any other activites on your blog not only kerpoof games? At our campus we have three schools, Nativity, Thiele and Pilgrim. Our school is Nativity. At Nativity we have a playground and a few buildings and between the new building and the old building there is a cola (covered outdoor learning area)

    From Ashlee and Patricia

  4. Hi TechieKids,

    Our names are Millie and Luke and we have been looking at your blog. We like one of your clapping games and it is called boom snap clap. Adelaide is surrounded by beaches. What is your school name?

    from Millie and Luke

  5. Dear Techie Kids,
    I really enjoyed all three clapping games, but I would have to say that Concentration was my favourite because I played it when I was your age too. We used claps and snaps in our version though.

    I also liked your McDonalds clapping song. It reminded me of a McDonalds jingle from when I was a kid:
    Big Mac
    Filet o’Fish
    Quarter Pounder
    French Fries
    Icy Cokes
    Thick Shakes
    Sundaes and Apple Pies
    I actually called in to a radio show when I was little and one a prize for being able to say it.

    Thanks so much for bringing back some great childhood memories!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. W

  6. Dear techie kids,
    We think concentraion was a fun game. We really had to concentrate. We play stella-ella-olla. Do you know stella-ella-olla? I really think it was GOOD
    from your quad blogging buddies,Allyson and Nicholas we love it.
    🙂 🙂

    • Dear Allyson and Nickolas,

      I have never heard of stella-ella-olla. But thank you for comenting on this though.

      Your friend,

  7. Dear Ms. Grant,

    We can`t wait to receive it! We don`t have it yet though. I sure hope we get it soon! We`ve gotten so many already but we are glad to hear ours was the first one you guys got! We hope to get more postcards and hear from you soon!

    Your Blog Buddie,
    Alexis from Techie Kids

  8. Dear Techie Kids,

    I loved all the clapping games they looked so fun I bet you guys worked really hard on them keep up the good work!

    Your Friend, Keiarra

  9. Dear techie kids,

    My favorite was mcdonalds because it was realy catchy.

    your friend

  10. Dear Nina and Morgan,

    I liked concentration the best because me and my sister and I always did it when I was young. But they were all great.

    From, Cory

  11. Dear Techie Kids,
    Me and Danielle want to thank you all so much for leaving such kind and encouraging comments.

    -Kayla and Danielle

  12. Dear Techie Kids,

    My favorite playground game is McDonald.

    I liked McDonald’s because I liked the hand movements
    and I thought they did a great job.

    your friend,
    Techie Kids

  13. Dear Millie and Luke,

    I heard you commented on boom snap clap. Thank you for commenting and our schools name is Lottie. What’s yours?

    Sincerely your friend Danielle 🙂

  14. Dear Courtny,

    Good job! And the rest of you girls. I like concentration.
    Continue writing posts.

    Sincerely, Hannah

  15. Dear Morgan and Nina,

    I wonder how long it must have taken for you to learn that hand shake.
    You guys must have took you a long time and stressed you out.
    It was amazing how you did the hand shake.

    Your techie friend,

    • Hey Dillon,

      Some of those people are my friends. 🙂
      Like the Filmer for the second two Don.


  16. Dear Alexis and Courtny,

    I have a friend in 5th grade. Her name is Kayla. She taught me McDonalds as well. She is a great friend you girls might even know her. Well thats enough from me. Bye!


  17. Dear Morgan and Nina,

    I think you did a great job! It is so much fun to do concentration! Did you guys mess up a lot?

  18. Dear….Everyone,

    The only song I knew was concentration! But I really like Boom,Snap,Clap.
    It’s cool. Just one problem…I don’t know how to snap!! 🙁 I know McDonald’s but in a different way, it goes like this:

    Welcome to McDonald’s
    May I take your order
    Curly Fries
    Big Mac
    Cherry Coke
    Apple Pie.
    That’s how it goes! I would tell you the moves but I forgot them.

    Your Friend,
    Techie Kids

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