Skyping with Mrs. Lynch and Room 102!



We are photographers and global learners. Now we want to learn to speak French! The first grade Techie Kids were so excited to be able to talk with Mrs. Lynch’s class in Quebec, Canada.


We loved that they knew how to speak French. Our class asked them how to say a couple of words and phrases and Room 102 translated it for us.


Hello!  Bonjour!

I like to play with my friends.             J’aime jouer avec mes amis.

I like to play on the computer.            J’aime jouer sur l’ordinateur.

I like to eat.     J’aime manger.

I had a holiday yesterday.       J’ai eu un jour férié hier.


Their language is beautiful!


After our time together, the Techie Kids kept talking about other languages. I shared a story with them about when  I was shopping in the Grand Bazaar in Turkey. Each of the shop owners talked to the people who were passing by to encourage them to visit their stall. One of the owners went through 7 different languages trying to get my attention. I was amazed! We think it is a wonderful idea to learn more than one language.


Here are a couple of games to help us begin to learn words in French.


 French Phrases



Fruits and Vegetables in French



Foods in Spanish

This is a bonus Spanish language game.



Thanks for helping us learn globally!


What languages are spoken in your family?


What strategy could you suggest to help others learn to speak another language?

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9 thoughts on “Skyping with Mrs. Lynch and Room 102!

  1. Nice post, because it has an international feel. Living in England so close to so many other languages, is a little frustrating if like me, your language skills are bad.
    However speaking English will get you a long way. I think it is very important to speak, good English and not sloppy, lazy English.
    As the children say French is a beautiful language. We must make sure that ours is as well. Shakespeare and Dickens used it and luckily enough … so do we.

    Do you learn foreign languages in your curriculum?

    Mr E

    • Dear Mr. E,

      Thanks for visiting! We had a nice talk about how many languages are spoken in the world. It seemed to be very eye opening! Many students felt they would like to learn a new language after hearing their Skype buddies speaking French. It is a nice connection to make between ourselves and the classic English writers. Our curriculum does not include foreign languages in the elementary at this time. There are other districts in our area that do teach at the primary level. The middle and high schools do offer it as a choice.

      Your friends,
      Mrs. Moore and the 1st Grade Techie Kids

      • Dear Mrs. Moore,

        I love Techie Kids. It is so much fun. Thank you for showing me our blog. How did you make this website? My brother Kevin is making a website for his job, so you could give me some advice for him.

        Techie Mireille

        • Dear Mireille,

          Thank you so much for leaving us a quality comment! I am so glad that you are having fun on Techie Kids. I made this website using Edublogs. That is so interesting that your brother makes websites for his job! I think he may know more about websites than me! 🙂 Hmm, if I had to share some advice, it would be to make sure that you are proud of your work before you publish it. It always wise to have others help by proofreading and editing too.

          Have a fantastic day!

          Your teacher,
          Mrs. Moore

  2. Hi everyone,

    I think that it is so great you got to skyped with Mrs Lynch and her students.

    Skyping is such a great way of meeting your blogging buddies.

    I do speak another language and it is Italian.

    When it comes to learning to speak another language I feel you should start of with simple words or learn to count from one to ten.
    Hope you like my tips.

    Yours sincerely.

    • Dear AA,

      How fantastic it is to hear from you! You (and BB) are well-known for your excellent blogging skills. 🙂 We were very happy to be able to Skype with Mrs. Lynch’s class! I agree that it is an incredible way to connect with people from far away. We may never have met with out this wonderful thing called technology. It is wonderful that you are able to speak another language. Is it something you chose to learn in school or something that your family speaks? Thanks for your language learning tips. You have given us some great advice! We do hope you’ll stop by again.

      Your new friends,
      Mrs. Moore and the Techie Kids

  3. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    Hi its Kara! I don’t speak a different language, but when I was in third grade I took Spanish lessons. It was hard to understand but fun to learn.I learned how to count up to 10. Uno dos tres quatro, cinco, ses, seite, ocho, neuve, dies.

    Hi its Natalie! I am Italian but I don’t know how to speak that many words. My dad he told me how to say some words in Italian and here they are:

    What are you doing? = Cosa stai facendo?

    eat = mangiare

    Your friends
    Natalie and Kara

  4. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    Talking about new languages I know Spanish. Hola coomo stase (Well I don’t know how to write Spanish too much.) I will like to talk to you again. See you in class.

    Techie Mireile