Mobile Learning Devices

The Kindergarten and First Grade students have been talking about mobile learning devices.


Here are some of the connections we made, ideas we shared, and new vocabulary we learned.


It is amazing!


Mobile Wordle


Your finger acts like a mouse on the iPod Touch.

Your finger acts like a mouse on the SMARTBoard too.

Big SMARTBoards are good for lots of people to see at the same time.

Big SMARTBoards are good for seeing from far away.

Small iPod’s are good because you can take it with you. You can’t take a big SMARTBoard on vacation.

You can read books on an iPod Touch.

You can read books on a SMARTBoard.

You can read books on the computer.

You can read books on an iPad.

You can read books on a Nook.

You can read books on a Kindle.

You can read books on an eReader.

You can read books from the library.

It is still good to read regular books. Technology just gives us more possibilities and lets us have a choice.


iPod Pic


Can you share your experience with mobile learning devices?


What is your favorite App?


Can you share an example of when it’s a good idea to use technology and when it’s a good idea to use something traditional?


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5 thoughts on “Mobile Learning Devices

  1. Greetings Techie Kids, I am not sure that it is new technology vs old technology, I think it is about quality and what you want to achieve. Either used well are good, even great. Both used badly can be a nightmare! Thanks for letting us Skype you, we are so new to it we’d do everything differently next time! However that is what learning means. Sometimes new tech like Skype allows instant communication and that was impossible when I was at school. However how exciting is it to get a fantastic postcard?
    We can speed along in a car, train or plane and see nothing. We can walk and enjoy all. However if we have not been taught about the outdoors it means less. A good education means that you can take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves. Technology old and new is brought to life by the age old virtues of thought, kindness and generosity.

    Thank you so much for helping my children and I learn.

    Mr E

  2. Dear Mr. E,

    We definitely agree with you! The Techie Kids are always talking about the benefits, the limitations, and choosing the best tool for the job. The new technology vs. old technology is an interesting comparison. Teachers have tried using the latest technologies to support their students for quite awhile. We can consider the pencil and eraser, markers, copy machines, laminators, book binding machines, and die-cut press. All of these were used by teachers because they saw the value for their students.

    We loved skyping with you too! We also loved receiving a postcard from you. 🙂 Thank you for supporting our education and helping us learn more about our world!

    Your friends,
    Mrs. Moore and the Techie Kids

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