Our First VoiceThreads

This is our school’s first attempt at VoiceThread.

We would love to hear your comments, suggestions, and tips for how we can improve our future conversations.


Can you tell us about a fantastic VoiceThread you’ve found? Just what made it so fabulous?

Do you have any technical tips to help us improve the sound quality or presentation?

What topics should we create a VoiceThread about in the future?

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4 thoughts on “Our First VoiceThreads

  1. We are still just tinkering with ‘voicethread’, it does look like a very impressive tool. I thought you did a good job. The sound is a little feint, although some children are clearer than others, were they nearer the microphone? It could be that a better quality microphone would help. However the content of the work is good, especially when a question is asked. In a sense it seems that quality voicethread comments are similar to quality blog comments. I will follow your voicethread developments with great interest.

    You guys get through a lot of work!

    Mr E

  2. Dear Mr.Mitt’s class and Mrs.M♥♥re,
    I think we did a great job….just some of us talked a little to quiet(me). But next time I know to talk louder! :p It was lots of fun!! I hope we can do it again.

    Your Classmate,
    Techie Kids

  3. hi I want to comment on your pictures. they are totally awesome I like the pictures of the colourful flowers because their little smiling faces are so cute and I was wondering if they were done on the computer or by hand?. I like what you’ve said about the slide show. I think I should make a blog one day when I get the time. I think that your blog is sooo cool because of all the information that you gave us. After reading your blog i’ve learnt a lot abou the environment. Your slide show is totally cool and you should make more of them. I would like to comment about journey back to lumberjack camp, I think that the background is cool because its old looking and its real, I wonder how life was back then. anyway, I hope you make more slide shows in the future and if you do I will totally look at them all, see you soon.