How to Comment

The Techie Kids have just begun to learn about commenting. A few of them jumped right in and left comments on their own from home. I think that is fantastic! Since we only see each other for 50 minutes each week, I am so proud of our new bloggers who were willing to try new things even if that meant making mistakes. We know that making mistakes are just a part of learning. Since we want to share the best information we can in a small time frame, I thought we could go straight to some blogging experts to see what they recommend for leaving a quality comment.

Check out some of the videos made by our blog buddies. After you watch them, go ahead, give it a try!
How to Compose a Quality Comment
By Mrs. Yollis’ Third Grade

How to Comment
By Mr. Salsich

How to Comment
By Mrs. Morris

What do you think was the most important advice to remember when leaving a quality comment?
Can you share any new strategies you learned?
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73 thoughts on “How to Comment

  1. Hi Miss Moore,

    I’m in your class right now. This is my favorite subject in the world. I love Techie Kids.


    • Dear Sydney,

      I am so glad you are having fun in our class. Way to go leaving your first blog comment!

      Your teacher,
      Mrs. Moore

      • Dear Mrs. Moore,

        This is the 1st time I wrote on Techie Kids. I really like coming to your class, it is really fun!

        Your friend,

        • Dear Anthony,

          Thanks for trying out commenting! I noticed that you have a greeting and a closing. Good job! I’m glad you are having fun.

          Your teacher,
          Mrs. Moore

  2. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I’m loving the website. I am in your 3rd grade class. It is so fun to have you as a teacher. I like the mascot the ________.

    Your friend,

    • Dear Blake,

      Yay! I’m glad you are enjoying our blog. What do you think is your favorite part?

      Your buddy,
      Mrs. Moore

      • Dear Mrs. Moore,

        I’m enjoying both blogging and our class. I love how we can meet and learn about new people all around Earth. I’ve been telling my family members all about Techie Kids and blogging and everything of that nature.

        Your excited to learn Techie Kid,

  3. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I agree you should always leave a good, polite, quality comment! I know that all these comments will be deleted if they are either,

    or Disrespectful.

    YAPPY is very important to remember when leaving a comment. To all the younger kids out there, make sure you have a greeting and a closing to your comment, like: Dear Mrs. Moore, or Sincerely, as a greeting and closing. Make sure to capitalize,

    Proper Nouns

    Cyber high fives!
    Your very own Techie Kid,

    • Dear Jenna,

      What a splendid comment! Thank you for sharing this wonderful information. I really like how you stayed on topic and shared relevant ideas. Thank you for setting a great example for your classmates.

      Your Techie Teacher,
      Mrs. Moore

        • Dear Evie,

          Thanks for leaving a comment! I’m glad you like our blog. Have you visited any of our blog buddies yet?

          Your teacher,
          Mrs. Moore

      • Dear Mrs. Moore,

        I am glad I am able to be a great role model for younger kids. I think that you should think before you type. Because if you are not careful, you could make a big mess, and mess some things up. So make sure you think first!


      • Dear Mrs. Moore,

        I am glad I am able to be a great role model for younger kids. I think that you should think before you type. Because if you are not careful, you could make a big mess, and mess some things up. So make sure you think first!

        Your over the Internet , Technology loving, respectful role model , Techie Kid,

  4. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I love being in your technology class. We learn so much on Techie Kids. I have a great time in your class. I bet the other children do too. You are a nice teacher. We learned how to send you lots of notes. How do you teach us a lot of stuff in one day? You do a lot of work just for us.



    • Dear Elizabeth,

      I’m so happy I get to be your teacher! I’m glad you are having fun with our blog. Can you tell me something that you are interested in or would like to find out more about? It’s always exciting to learn new things!

      Your learning buddy,
      Mrs. Moore

      • Dear Mrs. Moore,

        I’m interested in bunnys. If you walked in my room you would right away see bunnies. You would see stuffed bunnies. I even have a real pet bunny! Do you have a pet? If you do what do you have? And how many pets do you have? By the way I want to learn more about Techie Kids. I really want to know about your pet even if you have a pet.



      • Dear Ms. Moore,

        For the Thanksgiving break I’m visiting my Aunt. Laura. We’re staying here for four days and three nights! You might be wondering if the weather is colder or warmer up here. It is not.Guess what? My Aunty.Laura’s bithday party was on Thanksgiving! We are having so much fun. I hope you had fun too. Wish you had a very good Thanksgiving.



        • Dear Elizabeth,

          Did you have a nice Thanksgiving and visit with your family? How was the birthday party? I always love when I get to see family that live too far away. My Thanksgiving was super fun! Thank you for asking. Bella’s favorite food was the sausage stuffing. 🙂

          Your teacher,
          Mrs. Moore

      • Dear, Ms, Moore,

        What is your favoriste amusement park? If you do not know any amusement park tell me one you would like to make and what you would name it. I hope we have a great winter break! So is your favorite amusement park Cedar Point, King’s Island, or Canada’s Wonderland? What are you going to do for winter break? We are going to build a big snowman. I will catch snowflakes on my toungh.

        Sincerly, Elizabeth.

        • Dear Elizabeth,

          Hmm, my favorite amusement park was always Cedar Pointe. Although, I haven’t been there for quite awhile. I always used to love the rollercoasters with the big drops like the Magnum. At King’s Island, my favorite was The Beast. Which ride is your favorite?

          Over winter break I’m hoping to visit with my family and just do some resting! I also promised my girls that we would make snow angels. 🙂 I think that they would like to build a snowman and catch snowflakes on their tongues too. We’ll add that to the list.

          Your teacher,
          Mrs. Moore

      • Dear Miss. Moore

        What are we going to do on TechieKids ( even maybe on a new website )? Ido hope we have a nice time.


        • Dear Elizabeth,

          We will be checking on a few fun websites in a collection called a Sqworl. You can let me know what you think. I hope you have a nice time too.

          Your teacher,
          Mrs. Moore

  5. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I’m a 5th Grade student of yours in Mrs. Van Dam’s Class. I really like how you set this up for commenting on Techie Kids! It’s really important that kids, and teens know how to post a comment that’s not the following: Rude, Insulting, etc.
    These videos also helped me with posting an appropriate comment.
    Thank you for posting this on Techie Kids!


    • Dear Connor,

      I couldn’t agree with you more! It’s important that we share a positive example of how to post information on the Internet. You are helping to set that positive example for your classmates and for people around the world!

      Keep up the good work!
      Mrs. Moore

    • Dear Miss. Moore

      What is your favorite thing about Christmas? Mine is the presents. Are you going to go to a resturant? Or are you staying home? I’m. We have a great Christmas evry year. We alwaysopen up our stockings then open up the presents under the tree. Have a great Christmas.

      • Dear Elizabeth,

        Hmm, there are so many things that I love about Christmas. It’s hard to choose just one. I do love to spend time with my family, especially my little girls! I actually like to watch them open their presents. It feels very exciting and makes me smile. Do you think that’s how your family feels watching you? We will be visiting different family homes on Christmas. We open our stockings first too! When I was little, our family had to drive a long way to visit with others on Chirstmas. Since we needed to get on the road quickly, we saved our stockings to open in the car during the drive.

        Have a very Merry Christmas!
        Mrs. Moore

  6. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I also am trying this on my mobile phone. I never knew how cool commenting on phones could be!


    • Dear Connor,

      Oh boy! What a fun connection! Mobile devices are great because you can keep learning, investigating, and exploring no matter where you are.

      Your teacher,
      Mrs. Moore

      • Dear Mrs. Moore,

        I like Techie Kids. It is cool typing letters to other people. I hope you respond.


        • Dear Xander,

          I also enjoy sending letters to other people. Oh and by the way did you look up information about hugo?


      • Dear Mrs. Moore,

        Thank you for replying. It takes me a while to get back on Techie Kids because my laptop’s hard drive recently broke, and I have to send it in for repairs. Otherwise I would be on here quick as lightning!

        Thanks for your time,

  7. Dear Techie Kids,

    The best advice we could give to you about leaving a good quality comment is to NEVER give away your YAPPY. This stands for: Y=Your FULL name, A=Address, P=Phone Number, P=passwords, and Y=Your plans. This will keep safe when you are online. You could also check out our cyber safety page on our blog to learn more about staying safe.

    Your comment should be at least 5 sentences and be written like letter. That means it begins with Dear and ends with From.

    We have a commenting video too. It is on the side bar of our blog. Check it out if you like.


    The Students of 4WS
    -The Classroom Connection-

    • Dear Mrs. Webb-Scheers,

      Thank you for posting a comment. Also you gave us very good advice on how to stay safe and what to post. I wacthed your video. It taught me good commenting skills. Now I know how to stay safe on Techie Kids. Also your blog is really cool.


  8. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I watched the video on how to compose a quality comment by Mrs. Yollis` thrid grade. I think it helped a lot . It taught me how to write a better comment. Morgan liked the panda masocot.

    Lauren and Morgan

    • Dear Lauren and Morgan,

      I’m a new Techie Kid. Do you like Techie Kids? I watched the videos and I liked the students teaching me about commenting.

      Your friend,

  9. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    Thanks for the info about commenting on the Internet. How do you make a video?

    Your friend from Techie Kids,

  10. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    Thank you for showing us this very cool blog. It’s amazing, but we have one question. How do you make an avatar? Please respond.

    From your Techie Kids,
    Maddy and Bailey

  11. Hi Techie Kids,
    I see that even though some of you are new bloggers you are becoming great at leaving comments. The more comments you leave and the more comments you read from other people, the better you will get at commenting yourself.
    I shared Mrs. Yollis’ video with my parents who watched it with their children and then they worked together to leave a quality comment on other class blogs. The parents learnt a lot from it and started leaving much better comments.
    It just goes to show, you’re never too old to learn!

    Happy commenting.
    Miss. Leakey

    • Dear Lincoln,

      Welcome to Techie Kids! You will have a lot of fun here! If you need any help, you can ask me, Mrs. Moore, or anyone here on Techie Kids!

      Enjoy your time!,

    • Dear Miss Leakey,

      It is wonderful to hear from you! Thank you for the encouragement. We feel excited about commenting, but also have a lot to learn. 🙂 We agree that the more we practice, the better we’ll get.

      I am glad you found Mrs. Yollis’ video helpful. We sure did! Her class does a great job teaching other kids about blogging!

      We hope to hear from you again!

      Your pals in the northern hemisphere,
      The Techie Kids

      • Mrs. Moore,

        A mom chiming in here! My son, Ethan, asked me if he could blog on here this evening. I was skeptical at first with someone so young blogging/discussing things online.

        However, after reviewing the site AND asking Ethan what type of Internet safety he was taught (he knew everything he shouldn’t do), I felt much better. This is such a great AND safe environment for students to learn how to effectively communicate online. I love that you encourage proper writing skills and don’t let them fall in the trap of abbreviations, etc. It is so important to have proper writing skills, online or otherwise, when in school and especially in college and the workplace! I also like that I can have Ethan use my e-mail address so that I can be notified of follow-up comments he receives. It’s comforting that I can see what he is discussing.

        Thank you for your dedication to the students and encouraging a safe first online communcation experience!


        Mrs. K

  12. Hi,

    I’m Evan from your fourth grade class. This website is really cool. I think that it is really cool how you have all of the different compartments like the cool websites.

    From your friend,

  13. Dear Techie Kids,
    What a great post with three videos on how to write a quality comment! I hope you don’t mind when I show my students this post next week!
    We are learning and practicing our skills as well. You have given us some good advice to follow!
    I need to remember YAPPY!
    Mrs. Hembree

    • Dear Mrs. Hembree,

      We are very happy that you found the videos to be useful. We sure did! We think it’s a great idea to share our post with your students. How fun!

      We agree that remembering not to share your YAPPY is very important.

      Your pals,
      The Techie Kids

  14. Dear Techie Kids,
    I just wanted to stop by and thank you all for the marvelous comments you have left on our class blog. You had such kind and thoughtful things to say. I also thought that you asked some great questions.

    We have started to talk about quality comments too and soon the grade 2/3’s will be visiting other blogs to give it a try. I’ll be sure to share this post with them next week.

    Thanks so much! Your friend,
    Mrs. W

    • Dear Mrs. W,

      We are happy that you enjoyed our comments. We had fun visiting your blog. Every time we leave a message, we want to make sure that our comment is good quality.

      Please let us know anything we can do to improve our commenting.

      Thanks for being our buddy,
      The Techie Kids

  15. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I’m trying a new experiment,
    commenting on my 3DS system.
    It’s kind of hard, and fun! But,
    this will have to do until my laptop is fixed.

    See you later,

  16. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    Hello, this is Alexia from your 5th grade that meets on Tuesday! I am so exited about being a Techie Kid and can’t wait to meet other schools all around the WORLD!

    I can’t wait to see what is coming up next on our blog. I especially can’t wait to Skype with other schools!

    From a Techie Kid of yours,

    • Dear Alexia,

      Hello my name is Nadia. I’m a Techie Kid in 5th grade. Also I want to skype with other classes too. It was nice meeting you.


  17. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    It’s Alexia again, I want to tell everyone that you should NEVER give out the following: plans, last name, where you live, etc. I also want to say your comment will not be posted if it contains hurtful or rude comments. Don’t be that person. Last but not least don’t share your YAPPY.

    Talk to you soon,
    Techie Kid Alexia

  18. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I am in Mrs.Vandam’s 5th grade class and I think that it is important that kids should not share there YAPPY on the Internet. That it is important that they think about what they are going to write before they write it because it can hurt other people’s feelings. When you write something you shouldn’t insult other people.

    I also think that it is important to make sure that you spell correctly. You should use punctuation and capitalize when you need to.

    Cyber High Fives,
    Your very own Techie Kid,

  19. Dear Techie Kids,

    This is Maria. I’m in Mrs. Moore’s class 2nd grade Mrs. Fitch! She is the best teacher I have ever had in three years of school! So I just wanted to know what the old look looked like.Could you send me a picture or describe what it looked like? And I think that what this blog is doing is great! But I think we need more people to be on cause when I check who’s on it’s only me. I think we should put up some flyers. It’s just my advice! So I just want to let you know that your games are great here. I think you should add more stuff on this website like video chat where people can talk face to face. There is this website called Oovoo and you can video chat on it with people face to face so maybe you can download it on this website.


    • Dear Maria,

      The blog looked very similar to the way that it looks now. It just had a few differences. The background was a dark green color. The picture at the top stayed the same. The other differences were about how the comments and pages were organized.

      You have great ideas! If you’d like to create flyers for our blog, go for it! Have fun and just let me know how I can help.

      Your teacher,
      Mrs. Moore

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  21. Dear Hugo,

    I think you should add some games to the website because it can attract some more people to this awesome website!

    Mrs.Van Dam’s 5th grade class

  22. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    Hi, this is my first time blogging. At home my brother is sick. Hugo is a cute hedgehog. Soon my brother will maybe go to the same school for kindergarten. What is your favorite animal? My favorite animals are a dog, cat and bird.

    Aniella From, Miss. Fitch’s class.

  23. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I really like how you showed us how to get to Techie Kids. I’ve been
    trying to get here but I’m too busy. Anyway how did you
    even type in theses things like Techie Kids?
    And do you make the game and the names on this website?


  24. Hi Mrs. Moore,

    I showed my mom and brother how to go on Techie Kids. I watched the video of Hugo. Hope you have a good Halloween. See you Tuesday.

    Connor from Ms. Fitch’s class

    • Dear Connor,

      Thank you for leaving a comment! I’m glad to hear that you were able to show your family our blog.

      I did have a nice Halloween. We visited with family and all walked around the block together. How was yours?

      Your teacher,
      Mrs. Moore

      • Dear Mrs. Moore,

        My Halloween was fantastic. We had a haunted house at our house for all the kids. We had donuts hanging from the ceiling and kids were not allowed to use their hands. We had flaming pumpkins and a lot of my family and friends came over.

        My dad dressed up as a scary guy and our neighbors loved it.

        See you next week.
        Connor from Miss Fitch’s class

  25. Hi Mrs. Moore,

    I showed my mom and brother the blog tonight. I hope you have a great Halloween! Trick and Treat !

    Ms. Fitch Class

  26. Dear Connor,

    I want to know more about you. Like what is your favorite color and your favorite food?

    Your blog buddy,


  27. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    This is my first comment today. I like Techie Kids a lot.
    I was wondering how did you made this website?
    And I wanted to tell you that I did do video chating with
    the rest of my family. I would love to learn more about


  28. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    What a fun website! Keep up the great work–very clever ideas here!

    Smiles 🙂
    Helen’s Mom-1
    Marie Weaver

  29. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I am going to donate lots of candy to the troops. I hope so many people will too! I love candy but I bet the troops do too.


  30. Dear Hugo,

    You are the most curious and cutest animal I have ever seen! Can’t you wait to see what is going to happen next on our blog? I have a few questions for Hugo.

    ~What is your favorite food?

    ~Are you allergic to anything?

    ~What is your favorite thing to do besides blogging?

    ~What’s your favorite color?


  31. Dear Hugo,

    I wiil see you next Thursday. Tell Mrs. Moore I said hi. Do you know all the states? Do you like football, baseball, and hockey? I love candy do you?


  32. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I have recently signed up for a new Google accout.
    It has made changes, ALOT of changes. I had to remember another password, and all that other stuff. P.S., this is Connor in Mrs. Van Dam’s Class.

    Cyber High-Fives,

  33. Dear Mrs. Moore and the Techie Kids,

    I saw your pictures of the Riverwalk. I have never been to the Alamo myself, but my Mom has. She told me it’s where Davy Crockett fought and died for Texas. Remember the Alamo! I’ll let you know if I ever go visit.

    Austin a 49’er

    • Dear Austin,

      Thanks for leaving a comment for us. It’s wonderful to hear from you. I have visited the Alamo before when I was a little girl. Our family had gone on a driving vacation. My dad thought it was important to visit historical sites. If you do go for a visit, please tell us about it.

      Your pal,
      Mrs. Moore