Skyping With Mr. Avery’s Class

The Techie Kids are so excited because they were finally able to Skype with Mr. Avery’s class! This was the first time that students in this building have been able to Skype at school. For many of the children it was their first time using Skype ever! 61 Techie Kids were able to sit in on this call.

We have learned so much this year from our blogging buddies. Here are just a few of the things we learned when meeting our friends.
The capital of Massachusetts and most populous city is Boston. Massachusetts is ranked 14th in population out of the 50 states in our country. That’s pretty significant because they are one of our smallest states in size.
4 of our United States presidents were born in Massachusetts! They were John Adams, John Quincy Adams, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and George Herbert Walker Bush. That is pretty amazing!
Massachusetts’ state bird is the Black-Capped Chickadee, their state dog is the Boston Terrier, and their state cat is the Tabby cat. A few of the Techie Kids have Boston Terriers and Tabby cats as pets.
The Massachusetts state flower is the Mayflower. That got our students attention because we had just learned a lot about the ship the Mayflower in the weeks leading up until Thanksgiving.
Their state nickname is the Bay State.
Massachusetts is 10,555 sq miles.
The highest point is Mt. Greylock at 3,491 feet.
Mr. Avery’s class likes to play soccer and football.
We compared their life near the salt water of the Atlantic Ocean to our life near the fresh waters of the Great Lakes.
We learned that their wildlife is very similar to ours with the exception of the Right Whale! Right as opposed to “left” or “wrong.” We couldn’t believe that so many of them were able to go whale watching.
Mr. Avery’s class has really inspired our students to create their own videos. They even shared their movie making process with us. To see some of their amazing videos, CLICK HERE and HERE

Check out some of the pictures that the Techie Kids took during our Skype call.

Take a peek at this website and look for fact sheets on each of the states in our country.
Enchanted Learning- U.S. States


Thank you Mr. Avery’s class!
Are there any other interesting facts about Massachusetts that you think we should know?
What was your favorite part about our Skype call?
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20 thoughts on “Skyping With Mr. Avery’s Class

  1. Dear.Techie kids
    I see that you have your blog for the holidays you have Santa and snow flakes also lights too.I have some questions for you. Who was doing what job?What things did Mr.Averys class did not know about you? Have you learned top noch comments?
    From.Rachel at the classroom connections

    • Dear Rachel,

      Yup, we have our blog decorated with santa and reindeer! Mrs.Moore decorated the blog. Mr.Avery’s class didn’t know that Michigan’s nickname is “The Great Lake State”. We havn’t had any top notch comments on our latest post.

      Jackie & The Techie Kids

    • Dear Rachel,

      Our class did have some special jobs for our Skype call. However, it’s a little different each time, depending on which grade level is chatting. It also depends on which building I’m in. This time we had 3 photographers, 3 people greeting and sharing, 3 question askers, and 3 researchers during the call. There were also a number of students who spoke in response to questions. We all did research ahead of time to prepare for our call.

      The Techie Kids have definitely been practicing writing quality comments! I can see that you have been too! I noticed that you have a greeting, closing, and remembered to ask questions. Great job!

      Your friends,
      Mrs. Moore and the Techie Kids

  2. It’s always nice dropping in on Techie Kids. You are doing some lovely things on your blog. Your technology seems so much more rewarding than ours! However you are putting ideas in my head and I hope we get to skype next year.
    There are so many of you in your school. There are only 75 children in my school altogether.
    I wonder what your weather is doing, we are on the edge of the snowline.
    Have to go into school now to feed the goldfish.

    Mr E

    • Dear Mr E,

      Thanks for saying that! Its fun going and seeing your blog too! Im pretty sure Mrs Moore would love skyping with you this or next year! Only 75?! Thats crazy! We are at our snowline too!
      How much snow do you have now?

      Cybor High-Five,

    • Dear Mr. Eldridge,

      Thank you for the kind words. We are just focusing on using what we’ve got to the best of our ability! We can’t keep up with everything, but we certainly have enough to keep us busy and engaged! I’m glad we can share ideas and look forward to skyping with you soon.

      75 is different than our 400+ schools for sure. I imagine that you all get know each other quite well. I wonder how many of your students are actually related to at least one other student.

      Our weather is currently grey and dreary. There has been a cold rain all day. Cold rain is not my favorite. I think if it’s going to be cold, I’d rather see pretty snow.

      Your friends,
      Mrs. Moore and the Techie Kids

  3. Dear Techie Kids
    WOW!!!You guys are lucky another skype call!Was there anyone on that call that was on our’s??I think you learned some interesting things about Massachussetts!!!!
    I just have some questions about the call.who was the back channel writers?Who was the videoographer and the photographer?
    Your blogging buddie
    The Classroom Connection

    • Dear Cole,

      Nice to know that you liked all of our facts that we posted on the blog. I don’t really think that anyone in our class was on the call with yours… The photographers were 3 techie kids, maddy, alexia, and connor.

      a techie kid, GAVIN

    • Dear Cole

      I think we learned alot about Massachussetts.
      I can’t believe a small state is really popular.
      That was a really good time skyping but mrs. Moore couldnt hear everything.

    • Dear Cole,

      I thought you would have a little bit less people but,it’s actually a popular state. I like the town Boston & I like the team Boston Bruins as 1 of my favorite hockey teams. When we skyped last week, I thought it was really fun but a lot of us could not hear well beside Mr.Avery. Did you know 1 of the 4 presidents were killed & that 1 president was JFK.


  4. Dear Mr Averys class,

    We had a great time skyping with you!!!!!!!!!!! it was awesome and we hope to skype with you agan!
    We hope you had a great time too.

    From,Emma and Jaylon

  5. Dear, Mr.Avrey’s class

    We had a fantastic time skyping with you. what we learned is that you have a lot of presidents. the other thing we learned is that your state cat is the tabby cat.

    from your techie kids
    Mackenzie and Ashley

  6. Dear Mr. Avery’s class,

    I LOVED skyping with you guys.Thank you for your time, instead of going to recces. My favorite facts was how you guys have alot of whale sightings. I would love to run into a whale unexpectedly on a boat. I also like playing football and soccer. All of our class thought it was pretty amazing because some of us haven’t done it before. Some questions I have for you is do you know anybody that has visited Michigan?


  7. Dear Mr.Avery

    I am a student from the fith grade class that you skyped with.We had a lot of fun with your class.We hope we could do it again.What do you think we have in common with these states. I can’t believe your small state has a very high population.



  8. Dear Tichice kids,

    Did you like sypking.Do you rember when we syiped with you.It is fun!:)

    From Cameron the classroom conitoieon

    • Dear Cameron,

      We loved Skyping with you! Our favorite part is getting to see your faces and hear your voices for the first time. What is your favorite part?

      Your friends,
      The Techie Kids

  9. dear
    Techie kids thats preety cool. that you did a skype call. We did to im preety sure it was you guys i wish i was there. To ask a question I hope its ok to ask you right now do you do art? and what are you doing. We are makeing sculptures of our self. Our last progect was lerning about piccoso and we made monsters. Mines hanging on my fridge got to go
    your bloging
    buddys the callsroom connection

    • Dear Robert,

      Yes, we do art. We are painting and drawing pictures. One’s about a picture at night at Christmas. One’s about Santa riding a motorcycle. That one’s my favorite. We colored it with markers yesterday.


  10. Dear mrs. Moore,

    I hope you have a merry Christmas on our break.I know l will because Im going to spend the night at my uncle Randys house.I will be vary happy to see you on friday after our break.Merry Christmas.

    from Veronica

    • Dear Veronica,

      Good work leaving a message on Techie Kids! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas too. Spending time with family is fun. Have a great time at your uncle’s house. I can’t wait to hear about your wonderful vacation!

      Your teacher,
      Mrs. Moore