W.O.W! Websites Of the Week

We’ve been on Winter Break this week. It snowed for a couple of hours, but that’s about all. Tonight we have our first official storm of the season brewing. I wonder if we’ll have a snow day tomorrow..

While the Techie Kids are enjoying a short recess, I thought I would share a few wonderful websites with you. Give these a try and let us know what you think.

Lego City Comic Builder


San Diego Zoo Web Cams
PBS Kids Story of Owen and Mzee
ABcYa! Animations 

ABC Ya! US Geography Puzzle Map


Find the Technology 


ABC Ya! Input & Ouput Devices


Tell me which website you liked and why.


How could we use websites like Kerpoof to help us present things that we are learning?

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4 thoughts on “W.O.W! Websites Of the Week

  1. I am going to get some of my children to check these out, then they can report back which ones they want to use links for. Sites like those run by Lego are so useful, but are not located in my knowledge zone, so it’s doubly useful when you put up posts that share what you know.
    Did you know that the original Lego bricks were made of wood?
    Or that aged 6 I was found playing with my NEW Lego set in bed surrounded by mountains of paper at 3:00 am on Christmas Day Morning and my excuse was, “Father Christmas brought it to me”. Not…I’d crept downstairs taken my present from under the tree, and disappeared into my bedroom!
    Happy days.

    Mr E

    • Dear Mr. E,

      We are glad these websites caught your eye. Have the Hawes students tried any of them yet?

      I’m not sure I knew that the original Lego bricks were made of wood. Thanks for sharing that interesting fact with us! Did they have the same design with the circles on top for connecting?

      We love your Christmas morning story! Everyone had a good giggle visualizing a 6 year old Mr. E being a bit too curious. 🙂

      Your friends,
      The Techie Kids and Mrs. Moore

  2. Dear Lily and Cierra,

    I like all those typing games that we are playing like 10 fast fingers and stuff like that. How about you? Do you like those games? Please write me back.


  3. Hi Techie Kids
    I like the sites you’ve picked out here. I especially liked your geography site, it made me realise that whilst I know all the countries and capitals in Europe, I am pretty hopeless on the location of US states! It was doubly interesting now that we blog with schools in America – I was a bit surprised to find out where some of them were geographically!
    Are you familiar with the site Purple Mash? It’s a fun site to use too.
    Mrs M
    A Room with a View, UK