Skyping with Mr. Kruger’s Class!

Today we were able to connect with Mr. Kruger’s 3rd grade class in Minnesota.

It is always fun to meet new friends. Both of our classes were ready to talk about our communities. Here is some of what we learned.


For fun…
They visit the Minnesota Zoo or the Como Zoo. The Como Zoo is free!
The 3rd graders can go to the Mall of America, but this isn’t just any mall. It’s the biggest mall in the United States. They even have roller coasters inside called Nickelodeon Universe! Mrs. Moore has actually been there and can verify that it would take a long time to visit all of the stores and see everything there is to see. 🙂

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Many students visit their cabins on the weekends.
Their community has the largest free fair in the state. It is held in August.


Several of the students shared about some special jobs that their families have.
Gopher Sport makes athletic and fitness equipment.
Viracon-This company makes the glass and tints for windows. Their glass is being used in the new World Trade Center building in New York.
Construction and Insurance– This area provides insurance to many large companies.
Josten’s– They created the designs for the Super Bowl rings.
Mayo Clinic– This is a very special, well-known medical center that helps to diagnose and treat patients.


Their community has about 25,000 people.
We discovered that our temperatures are very similar, which makes sense because we are very close in location. They are hoping to get some snow tonight!


Thank you for helping us learn more about our world!

Do you have any questions you did not have time to ask?


Tell us a fun fact about the area you live in.


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10 thoughts on “Skyping with Mr. Kruger’s Class!

  1. Dear Miss Moore,
    I love that we are Techie Kids. I am so happy that you are our computer teacher. I think you are the best. See you on Monday.

    Your friend,

  2. Dear Mr. Kruger’s class,

    I really had fun skyping with you! It was interesting to know about your state. What kind of games you do like? Will you skpye with us again? We will see each other again.


  3. Dear Techie Kids,

    Did you have fun skyping with Mr. Kruger’s class? We thought it was really fun to see and talk to someone in another state. Did you think it was cool that one of the kid’s dad designed the super-bowl rings? Did you know that Michigan’s nicknames are Water Wonderland, The Wolverine State, and the Great Lake State?

    Gabby and Riley
    Techie Kids

  4. Dear Mr. Kruger’s class,

    Skyping with you was cool. I was so suprised when I heard that one of your student’s dad designs the Super Bowl rings. So you go to the Metrodome to see the Minnesota Vikings. I liked the jobs that you have. I especily like The Mall Of America and Nick Universe. It’s cool that they have roller coasters. I wonder if we will skype with you again.

    From Mrs. Moore’s 3rd grade class,

  5. Dear Techie Kids,

    Did you know that Michigan’s state tree is the White Pine?
    I wonder what Minnisoda state tree is and if they have a mascot like Hugo?

    Lauren, a Techie Kid

  6. Dear Mr. Kurger’s class,

    I wish I could go to the Nickolden Park. I Realy liked skyping with you.

    From Mrs. Moore’s class,

  7. Dear Mr. Kruger’s class,

    It was nice to learn about Minnesota. Do you have any other big buildings in your state? How big is the Mall of America? Does anyone build doors for cars and attach them to cars like we do?

    Alyssa and Amyia 3rd grade Techie kids.

  8. Dear Mr. Kruger’s class,

    I really like to go to the mall. I would like to go to your mall in Minnesota. I really liked skyiping with you guys! What stores do you have in the mall? Do you have Best Buy at your mall?

    Peyton and Mireille

  9. Dear Techie Kids,

    We had fun skyping with Mr. Kruger’s class. This was our first time skyping. I like how you shared stuff about your communtiy. Did you have any questions for us that you weren’t able to ask or we didn’t get to answer?

    Ava and Julia, Mrs. Moore’s Techie Kids

  10. Dear Mr.Kruger’s class,

    I really can’t wait to skype your class.What is your team mascot?Ours is Hego the hedgehog. I hope you can contact me about your mascot.