Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

The Techie Kids love celebrating March is Reading Month. We always begin by wishing Dr. Seuss a Happy Birthday! Our students (and teachers) enjoy dressing up in our beloved character gear and reading our favorite rhyming texts.


Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! on PhotoPeach


Visit Seussville to find out more about Theodor Seuss Geisel and find some fun games to play.


Here’s a recipe you can try at home with your family.


Click below to listen to our fantastic 1st graders sing a song about Dr. Seuss. Enjoy!

We Love To Read! from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.

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46 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

    • Dear Ajay,

      I think EVERYBODY loves Dr.Susses day well atleast I think they do!? I hope you and classmates had a very fun time on Susses’s day.

      your freind,
      Sydney AKA a techie kid

  1. Welcome back everyone this is fun to see you all i am not in the videos but i am on youtube the video is called ajay and friends i am the one who not waving at the end. My name is ajay sighing out 😀

  2. Dear Miss Moore,
    I love how you put together that Dr. Seuss video.I love Dr Seuss. I read all of his books. I think that the video was awesome!
    Your buddy,

    • Dear Lauren,
      I wonder what most of the books are about. We only read some of his books. Thanks for the nice commet.

      Your Techie Kids
      Holly and Megan

  3. Dear Techie Kids,

    It is so cool. I love Dr. Seuss. He was so important because of his children’s books. He still is important. My favorite book is The Lorax. What is yours?


  4. Dear Techie Kids,

    How do you make all of these videos. I would like to know.
    From a techie kid,

  5. Dear Techie Kids,

    Dr.Seuss is my favorite author! His books are so funny. The video is funny. Happy Birthday Dr.Seuss! What is your favorite book of his?


  6. To, Mrs Moore

    How do you make all of these videos? It would be really fun. How do you make all of the music and effects. I would like to make a video.


  7. Dear Techie Kids,

    I love the Dr. Seuss video. All the kid in the school are doing it, that is really cool. Have you ever seen any movies? If you have not you should see the movie the Lorax in cartoon version or real version. That is really cool.

    Your friend, Jana

  8. Dear Techie Kids,

    I’m really glad to see that you put up a post about Dr. Seuss’ birthday. I thought I would see more blogs writing about it but I didn’t. I was surprised.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe with us. It sounds delicious. It’s actually making me pretty hungry right now!

    The first graders did an incredible job with their song! I’m so impressed. I could never sounds that great singing! I’d probably even break your computers!

    Mr. Avery

    • Dear Mr. Avery,

      We do love to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday. It is always a great way to kick-off March is Reading Month. Do you celebrate March is Reading Month at your school? We have a whole month of activities for us to have fun with reading. Tomorrow is Pajama day. We are going to wear our pj’s and set aside part of our day for reading with flashlights!

      We agree that our first graders did a fantastic job with their singing! They sure practiced hard. We think you are very funny to say that you would break our computers with your singing! That made a funny picture in our minds. 🙂 Matt said that if you practice, we will think it’s good!

      From your friends,
      The Techie Kids

  9. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    Mia and I loved the video with all the wonderful videos. We liked when Hugo was in the hat. We think you did a wonderful job reading the story of Fox In Socks. It was very funny how you got confused reading that story. You also looked great in the Cat In The Hat slippers and hat. We had a great time watching the video.

    Your students Jada, and Mia

  10. Dear Techie kids

    I like celebrating Dr. Seuss B day . It is so fun . At our assembly I liked the song about Dr. Seuss. Did you?
    Your frend,

  11. Dear Dr. Seuss,

    You are very creative. Your crazy rhymes are hard to say but we still like them. Max’s favorite character is the Grinch. Janell’s favorite is the Fox in socks.

    Your friends,
    Max and Janell

  12. Dear Mrs.Moore-

    We loved Dr.Seuss. We like the 1st grade musical video and we like the happy birthday Dr.Seuss video too.Plus we loved the slippers that Mrs. Moore wore on Dr Seuss birthday.

    Your Friends, Bekim and Steven

  13. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    Even though I wasn’t here when it was Dr. Suess’s birthday,
    I still love his books! And the video that you posted was great! And I saw Dr. suess shirts. Today it’s dress up as your favorite book person. I’m dress up as Minne Mouse!

    Wish you were here,from one of your students,Takira

    To Mrs. Moore

  14. Happy Birthday Dr Seuss.We loved your post you had on Techie Kids.We love your books too. Your friends,Riley and Zach.

  15. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    Taylor and I love the Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss video. Gianna was so excited that she was in the video! We also liked the hip hop music. You are the best teacher in history! 🙂
    Veronica and Taylor

  16. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    We liked the videos very much. Our favorite part was when Hugo was in the Dr.Suess hat. The music was very catchy. It was funny when you read Fox In Sox.
    Sincerely, Buster and Skyler

  17. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I had a lot of fun watching the Dr. Seuss video. Dr.Suess is one of my favorite book characters. I have fun in your class.

    Your friend, Evan

  18. Dear Techie Kids,

    I love the video with my friends and others. My friend’s were in it. Others were not. I hope I get on Techie Kids soon.

    Brianna and Emily

  19. Dear Doctor Seuss,

    Happy birthday ! I love to read your books. You are my special friend . I wish you were still alive. I know some tongue twisters. I’ll tell you one. I know how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood . See you!

  20. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I loved the video of the first graders singing. Thank you for putting this on Techie Kids. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  21. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    We realy liked the Dr.Seuss viedo that you posted for us.We liked the part where Hugo was in the hat! We wanted to tell you that you put three of our classmates in the video.We’rerealy happy that you put the video on Techie kids.

    Jacob and Adam

  22. Happy birthday Dr.Seuss. We really do love you.
    I hope you had a wonderful birthday !!

  23. Dear Mrs.Moore,
    I really liked your video for Dr.Suess’s birthday. We had so many children wore Dr.Suess things. Hugo looked really cute in the Dr.Suess hat!

    From there to here from here to there,
    funny things are everwhere!

  24. Dear Mrs. Moore,
    The video about Dr. Seuss was good. I enjoyed seeing all of the kids in Dr. Seuss shirts. I can’t wait untill his next birthday.

    From, Erin

  25. Dr.Seuss was a great author! He had written many good books, and we also own some of them! That was also a good video that you made. And we have one more thing to say,
    Peter & Mark

  26. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    We like how you made a slide show of all the kids who wore Dr. Seuss stuff. Lexie’s favorite part was Mrs. Hofbaer in the Cat in the Hat costume and Mrs. Moore. Alexis’s favorite part was Hugo and Mrs. Hofbaer. Thats all we have to say for now.
    From Alexis and Lexie

  27. Dear Mrs.Moore

    I loved the video of Dr.Seuss it was cute. I loved how the little kids dressed up for the day! Happy birthday Dr.Seuss. Ilove you!!!!


  28. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    We loved how the kindergarteners sang Dr.Suess “We Love You”. It was a really good song. They did a really great job on their musical.

    Your friends,
    Angelica and Carley
    Techie kids

  29. Dear 1st Graders,

    Your song was wonderful! I enjoyed listening to you sing about Dr. Suess so well! I myself, love Dr. Suess as well. I love his silly rhymes just as much as you do! He is such a wonderful man, isn’t he?

    Your Freind,

  30. Dear Techie Kids,

    I like how you are celebrating Dr. Suess’s birthday. Dr. Suess is my favorite author of all time. I like to read his books all the time. My favorite book is the Cat In The Hat.
    My favorite movie from Dr.Suess is How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

    Joey and David

  31. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    I really liked your post! The video you put on was really cool! I liked the music it sounded diffrent from what I usally hear. By the way Hugo is…
    AWESOME! He is so cool. I love Hugo.
    You are the best technology teacher ever.

    Happy blogging,

  32. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    The posts were amazing! It was very cool to see many classmates.

    From a Techie kid,

  33. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    We loved the pictures you took of all the kids wearing Dr. Seuss gear. We love March is Reading Month and we love all the Dr. Seuss books. We all wished Dr. Seuss a happy birthday.

    From,Techie Kid Tori and Techie Kid

  34. Dear Mrs.Moore,
    I really liked your video for Dr.Suess’s birthday. I liked how everyone wore Dr.Suess things! I will see you in class!

    From There to Here, From Here to There, Funny Things are everywhere!

  35. I was pleased to see ‘Hooray for Diffendoofer Day’ in the photopeach. What a great man Dr Seuss was, I think it is better known in USA than England, but I have a liking for Dr Seuss and have a lot of these books in school.

    Mr E

    • Dear Mr. E,

      Dr. Seuss is one of our all-time favorite authors. This class thinks their favorite books would be Green Eggs and Ham and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Thanks for visiting!

      Your pals,
      The 1st Grade Techie Kids

  36. Awesome video! Especially LOVE the “Thing 1” hair clip. Great job techies.

    • Dear Mrs. Chrostowski,

      Thanks so much for visiting and leaving us an encouraging comment! I had a feeling you might like that hair clip. 😉 We are having so much fun during March is Reading Month! It’s been very exciting to wear our pj’s to school today. We hope you will visit us again soon!

      Your friends,
      Mrs. Moore and the Techie Kids

  37. Dear Techie kids

    I did not know that Dr.suss had a brithday. Dr.suss was my best book in the would when I was 3 or 5 or 4. I was little i dont know will i do no that it was his brithday well. . . . . .HAPPY BRITHDAY DR.SUSS well i have to go will bye im in 4ws well bye


    • Dear Meghan,

      A great big thank you for visiting! Dr. Seuss’ birthday was March 2nd. We’ve been celebrating reading all month. Today we had a pajama day so we could read in comfy spots with pillows and even flashlights! Have you ever read with a flashlight?

      I know that the Snail and Whale have been visiting with your class. Can you share some of their adventures with us?

      Your pals,
      Mrs. Moore and the Techie Kids