Mystery Pictures

We have all been working very hard in our Technology classes. One of our focuses have been the digital cameras. We have talked about the parts of the camera and its proper care. The children are working on focusing and quality photo composition. This is a project that our third graders are working on now. Play our game to find out how we are learning to see everyday objects from a new perspective.



How many did you figure out?

Tell us about one of your favorite pictures and what makes it so special.

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3 thoughts on “Mystery Pictures

  1. Dear, Mrs. Moore
    We liked the mystery picturs. They were really hard to guess. My favorite picure was the bar under the computer chair. I hope you post somemore mystery picturs soon.

    Joey And David

  2. Dear Joey and David,

    Those mystery pictures sound like alot of fun! I remember doing those. It was fun. I truly amd a techie kid because my favorite part of that project was using a camera! I was so excited! It’s good that you enjoyed the project.

    From a Techie Kid,

  3. Dear Joey & David

    I am glad you like it. I`m sure we will have more.

    Autymn a Techie Kid